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Biggest threat from Chinese dams on upper reaches of Brahmaputra: Ering

Congress lawmaker Ninong Ering has said that the biggest threat that Arunachal Pradesh will face in the future is due


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ITANAGAR: Congress lawmaker Ninong Ering has said that the biggest threat that Arunachal Pradesh will face in the future is due to the Chinese dams constructed on the upper reaches of the Brahmaputra in Tibet.

Ering pointed out that China has already built four dams; and is in the process to build the fourth dam — just 60 km from Geling, Upper Siang. He even presumed that China would divert the course of the Brahmaputra River to Xingjiang province by constructing tunnels.

Ering requested the Central government to be cautious on the policy of China to avoid futuristic consequences.

"Once the course of the river is diverted, it will have major impact in our State and Assam. The Siang River will dry up and I fear, in future there won't be any river activities in State" he said.

Ering was speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the mass-awareness function of the 'Brahmaputra Aamantran Abhiyan' (BAA) held at Central Agricultural University at Pasighat. He also said that it has been already confirmed by the 'Global Times' that China is building a dam in the Brahmaputra River passing through Tibet.

"If we are not cautious on this issue today, in the future there won't be any river-rafting activities," he said, adding that the Indian government should have a kind of 'International Water agreement' with China.

He said that the construction of dam will not only lower the level of water in Siang river as well as the Brahmaputra in Assam but also dry up many rivers and streams.

Ering also said that, even if the 3750 megawatt Siang Dam would have been constructed, we could have claim over the river.

According to reports, China is planning to build a major hydropower project in Tibet Part of the Brahmaputra River. It is also learnt that the Chinese government has also finalized a company to construct the dam.

Ering also said that the Central government should make a specific decision on, China repeatedly claiming Arunachal Pradesh as 'South Tibet'.

"Be it the BJP or Congress government, unless there is any specific decision by the Government of India, China will always make its claim," Ering said.

He said, ''A strong message ahould be sent to China that Arunachal Pradesh was never a part of Tibet, though we share the international border.''

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