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10 Reasons Why Magh Bihu is Immensely Beloved To Every Assamese People

The Assamese people are set to celebrate the upcoming festival of Magh Bihu on 14 and 15 January. Read to know the 10 reasons why Magh Bihu is immensely beloved to every Assamese:

10 Reasons Why Magh Bihu is Immensely Beloved To Every Assamese People

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Magh Bihu or Bhogli Bihu is one of the most auspicious festivals of Assam and is regarded as the pride of the whole community, it is the harvest festival of the state.

Magh Bihu 2022 is close by and people across the state of Assam are much excited to celebrate the festival of joy with full enjoyment.

The Magh Bihu this year will be celebrated for two consecutive days of 14 and 15 January. It is a very important Assamese festival observed various ethnic communities in Assam.

The festival is celebrated with many other names in various regions of the country at the same time period such as Sankranti, Pongal and Lohri.

Though wide numbers of people are aware of the value of Magh Bihu in the state of Assam many inside and outside the state may not know why this particular festival is immensely beloved to all the Assamese people.

Here are the 10 reasons why Magh Bihu is immensely beloved to every Assamese people:

1. All about crops: The Magh Bihu is mainly associated with crops and as the people from most of the regions in Assam are closely connected with agriculture so the festival holds high significance. It marks the conclusion of the harvesting season in the state.

2. Brings Unity and Brotherhood: The Magh Bihu is celebrated through various events such as making Bamboo houses in the fields which brings the neighbours and villagers together. Different types of food are roasted in Bonfire which is enjoyed by families and relatives sitting, singing and dancing all together and this result in brotherhood and unity.

3. The Spirit of Uruka: Uruka Means the night before the day of Main Bihu that is organized in the rice fields. During Uruka people gather and make shelters (Bhelaghar) with the use of woods and tree leaves and spend the night inside that house of Bamboo. The Assamese people wait for the night of Uruka tradition every year to enjoy to the fullest.

4. Worshiping Fire God: People in different villages of Assam builds houses of Bamboo called Meji which is set ablaze on the second next day of Bihu. The firing of Meji is worshipped by people wishing to bring joy and prosperity at the end of the harvest period. Various types of offerings are offered to Agni Dev (Fire God).

5. Food (Pitha, Ladu): The festival is beloved to Assamese people also because of various types of delicacies prepared at the time of Magh Bihu which is not usually available or eaten on other days of the year. The food items include Pitha, Ladu, Sunga Saul, Sandoh Guri, etc.

6. Cultural Value: The celebration of Magh Bihu brings the culture and traditions of Assam into focus as males and females are seen dancing in the cultural dance of Bihu in various parts of the state. People follow rituals that signify the culture that is unique and Assam's pride

7. Jolpaan: Jolpaan means the first dish that Assamese people have on the day of Magh Bihu. The Jolpaan consists of a number of food items including various types of Pithas such as Til pitha, coconut pitha, Ghila pitha and Ladu made up of Til, Muri and coconut. The tastemaker food of Magh Bihu called Sandoh Guri is also added in the Jolpaan.

8. Events in Villages: Some of the events organized only at the time of Magh Bihu are very unique and exciting. The events include bullfight, egg fight (Koni Juj) and others. The owners of bulls and birds from various villages put their birds or buffalo in a fight competition and win prizes as an award.

9. Expression of Gratitude: The Magh Bihu is beloved also for the reason that it is an expression of gratitude. People across the state offer gratitude to everything they have and celebrate the end of harvesting.

10. Celebration of Life: The Assamese people celebrate life during the big Magh Bihu celebration along with various rituals. The festival brings new hopes and desires in the life of people with the end of the winter season.

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