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A Tribute to Debika Kalita

Debika Kalita

Debika Kalita, a popular lady of Harabala Path of Bora Service, Guwahati left for her heavenly abode on 10 th September 2019 at the age of 73 after suffering from Parkinson Disease for a long time. Debika Kalita was wife of late Phanidhar Kalita and was the eldest daughter of late Ghanashyam Patwari. An amicable and lively natured lady who was loved by all her friends and family alike for her ever smiling face and helping attitude. She was commonly referred as Bulu Baideu by all her near and dear ones. She was associated with the Lachit Nagar Namghar for a long time and served as treasurer of the Namghar. She was instrumental in the development of the Namghar and took part in the day to day activities of the Namghar till she became restrained to home to illness about 4 years ago.

She was also an active member of the local Socio Cultural organisation “Prassana Narayan Choudhury Jyoti Bishnu Unnayan Samiti” and took part in all activities of the organisation.

Charming and dynamic women of substance, who besides spending time in social activities, raised five children perfectly. She is survived by one son and four daughters and host of grandchildren. She will be always missed by all her friends, family and acquaintances.

Today on this day of Matsyasparsha we pray to Almighty to grant her eternal peace and a place in heaven amongst himself so as a source of inspiration for our future generations.

— Geetali Kalita

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