Assam: Alleged Assault on Guwahati Journalist Sparks Controversy in Nagaon; DC Denies Claims

Guwahati journalist claims assault by Nagaon DC, sparking controversy.
Assam: Alleged Assault on Guwahati Journalist Sparks Controversy in Nagaon; DC Denies Claims

GUWAHATI: In an unsettling turn of events in Guwahati, Assam, journalist Dipankar Medhi, associated with a private news channel, has leveled serious allegations against Nagaon's District Commissioner (DC), Narendra Kumar Shah. The incident, which unfolded on a Friday evening, revolves around a meeting between Medhi and the DC, ostensibly related to reporting matters.

According to Medhi, the encounter took a violent turn as he claimed that DC Shah assaulted him without clear reasons. The journalist further asserted that the DC exhibited inappropriate behavior, even after being informed about Medhi's recent heart-related operation.

The situation escalated when Medhi's camera, used for journalistic documentation, was seized during the incident. Although the camera was eventually returned to the journalist, concerns were raised as Medhi alleged that crucial footage had been intentionally deleted.

As the controversy gained traction, conflicting narratives emerged. While Medhi insisted on the unprovoked assault, DC Shah categorically denied any such incident, dismissing the allegations. He asserted that there was no assault and chose not to provide further comments. Shah also accused Medhi of recording the conversation without permission, adding a layer of complexity to the unfolding story.

The journalist's plea takes a serious turn as he not only claims physical assault but also highlights the potential suppression of information through the deletion of recorded footage. The deleted footage raises questions about the transparency and accountability of the incident.

With both sides presenting contradictory versions of the event, the public is left in suspense regarding the true nature of the confrontation between the journalist and the District Commissioner. The incident has sparked discussions on journalistic freedom, ethical conduct, and the responsibilities of public officials.

As the investigation unfolds, the community awaits a comprehensive understanding of the incident, seeking clarity on the alleged assault, misbehavior, and the deletion of crucial footage. The controversy sheds light on the challenges faced by journalists in the pursuit of truth and accountability, raising important questions about the intersection of media, power, and public trust.


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