Assam: Arson Attack by Alleged Land Mafia Leaves Homes in Ashes

In an alleged arson attack in Nagaon, a land mafia gang targets homes, leaving injuries and prompting a police probe.
Assam: Arson Attack by Alleged Land Mafia Leaves Homes in Ashes

GUWAHATI: In a shocking incident on a Saturday morning, a gang of alleged land mafia wreaked havoc in Juria, Assam's Nagaon district. At the heart of the mayhem was an apparent arson attack aimed at seizing land unlawfully, owned by Rahim Uddin and Abdul Rashid in Sutipar village.

The assailants, reportedly led by Faizul Islam, targeted four houses, reducing them to ashes. The ruthless attack left a trail of destruction, injuring at least six individuals, including women and children. Sources revealed that those who resisted the aggressors faced physical assault, adding to the toll of injuries.

The motive behind the assault appears to be a sinister land grab, shedding light on the rising influence of land mafias in the region. Rahim Uddin and Abdul Rashid, rightful owners of the targeted properties, became victims of this nefarious act orchestrated by individuals seeking illicit control over valuable land.

Swift action ensued as the police were alerted to the incident, prompting an immediate investigation. The authorities are now delving into the details to apprehend the culprits behind this brazen attack on innocent lives and property.

This incident is not isolated, reflecting a broader trend of land mafias flexing their muscle to expand their grip on valuable real estate. The menace has become a serious concern, with communities facing the brunt of such violent attempts to wrest control over land.

In a related development in Guwahati, a key player in the land mafia, Ramen Madahi, faced the consequences of his alleged involvement in land grabbing. In a late-night police operation, Madahi sustained a bullet injury to his right leg as law enforcement sought to curb the activities of this known land grabber and racketeer.

Ramen Madahi, residing in Lalung Gaon in Lakhra, attempted to evade the police operation but found himself immobilized after being shot. The joint team from the Crime Branch and Basistha PS, acting on information provided by arrested individuals, carried out the operation to locate additional suspects involved in the land mafia.

Madahi's injury led to his admission to the Gauhati Medical College Hospital (GMCH), where he received treatment under police guard. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing battle between law enforcement and land mafias, highlighting the need for concerted efforts to curb this growing menace and protect the rights of rightful landowners.


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