Assam: Bagurumba Dance to be Performed by 20000 Artists

Bagurumba Dance of the Bodo Community will also be established in the international arena once this performance is completed.
Assam: Bagurumba Dance to be Performed by 20000 Artists

GUWAHATI: After successfully setting the world record for Bihu Dance, Assam is now ready to break it with the performance of Bagurumba Dance with an even larger number of artists performing the traditional dance form.

A Bihu performance performed by more than 11000 participants in the Sarusajai Stadium of Guwahati on April 14 put the name of Assam in the Guinness World Records. The new project is aimed at 20000 people performing Bagurumba dance of the Bodo community of the state to set a new world record.

Advisor of the All Bodo Students Union (ABSU), Kusum Swargiary mentioned, "You all know that after the successful biggest Bihu dance performance at a single venue in Guwahati on April 14, etching its name on a global stage, the government is now mulling to bring forth Bodo community's folk dance Bagarumba dance on the global platform aiming for a Guinness World Record".

The chief of the Bodoland Territorial Region, Pramod Boro also announced his plans regarding shining the spotlight on the Bagarumba Dance in an attempt to make it a globally recognised dance form. He also put forward his vision regarding the cultural significance as well as the emotional value of the celebrations.

Although no timeframe has been given, the event is likely to be hosted the next year and several organisations related to the community including the Bodo Sahitya Sabha have already started preparations for this major celebration.

The Bagarumba Dance is an essential part of the Bodo community and culture of the state. This performance will be an attempt by the leaders of the community to not only showcase but also highlight them infront of people worldwide. It will also help in attracting tourists as well as preserve the traditions of the community for generations to come.

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