Assam: Batadrava Than Parichalana Samiti Urges to Postpone Rahul Gandhi's Visit

Batadrava Than Parichalana Samiti requests a schedule change, fearing communal tensions during the Ayodhya celebration clash.
Assam: Batadrava Than Parichalana Samiti Urges to Postpone Rahul Gandhi's Visit

NAGAON: In a significant development, the Sri Sri Batadrava Than Parichalana Samiti has penned a letter to the elected representative of the Batadrava Constituency, Shiva Moni Bora urging a rescheduling of the planned visit to the revered location. The committee, entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the upkeep of the sacred site, expressed concerns over potential communal tensions arising due to the coinciding celebration in Ayodhya.

The committee, in their letter addressed to the INC leader, highlighted the delicate timing of the proposed visit, coinciding with festivities in Ayodhya that could lead to heightened sensitivities and potential unrest. Citing the importance of maintaining communal harmony, the committee suggested an alternative schedule, proposing a visit after 3 PM instead of the initially planned morning hours.

The call for rescheduling is grounded in the committee's commitment to ensuring a peaceful and inclusive environment, especially during religious festivities. The Batadrava Than Parichalana Samiti emphasized the need for leaders to be mindful of the broader social context and avoid actions that could inadvertently contribute to communal discord.

The committee's plea carries weight given its role in overseeing the affairs of the revered Batadrava Than, a site with deep cultural and religious significance. The location holds a special place in the hearts of the local community, and any disturbances during the proposed visit could have far-reaching consequences.

As the Batadrava Than Parichalana Samiti eagerly awaits the response from its elected representative, the incident underscores the delicate balance that political leaders must maintain when planning visits during times of religious significance. The elected representative, in response to this request, is expected to carefully evaluate the situation and make a decision that prioritizes communal harmony while respecting the sanctity of the scheduled visit. This incident serves as a reminder of the intricate considerations involved in managing public engagements to ensure the well-being of all communities involved.

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