Assam: Burglary Strikes, Valuables Stolen from Heritage Shiva Temple in Nagaon

Several gold and silver garlands and the temple's donation container were taken during the theft which has been captured on CCTV cameras.
Assam: Burglary Strikes, Valuables Stolen from Heritage Shiva Temple in Nagaon

NAGAON: A shocking burglary has occurred at the revered Shiva temple in Kathiatoli, Nagaon, where precious items, including multiple garlands crafted from gold and silver, as well as the temple's donation box, were stolen.

The daring act of theft was captured by the temple's security cameras, providing crucial evidence for the ongoing investigation. Local law enforcement authorities have swiftly responded to the incident, arriving at the temple to launch a comprehensive inquiry into the matter.

Meanwhile, the local community of the town is hoping for a swift resolution and the recovery of the stolen valuables.

This incident highlights the urgent necessity for bolstered security measures to safeguard the cultural and religious heritage preserved within these sacred sites. 

In the past few weeks, acts of burglary, theft and robbery have become especially frequent in the state, becoming a cause of concern both for law enforcement officials as well as residents of the affected regions.

In a similarly shocking incident that unfolded last week in Bamunimaidam, Guwahati, a group of armed robbers wreaked havoc in the home of a local businessman, Pranjit Das. The criminals, wielding daggers and an unknown substance, left the Das family traumatized as they made off with a staggering Rs. 10 lakh worth of jewelry, cash, and other valuable possessions. The incident sent shockwaves through the community, prompting a swift response from law enforcement.

Authorities wasted no time in addressing the heinous crime. A case was then officially filed at the Chandmari Police Station, and a rigorous investigation is currently underway. 

Eyewitnesses of this incident reported that the gang of robbers, estimated to be between six and seven in number, arrived at the scene on two-wheelers, executing their nefarious plan with precision. Their daring act raises concerns about the security situation in the area. Distressed locals have voiced their grievances, asserting that there is a noticeable absence of patrolling in the vicinity, highlighting a larger issue of insufficient police presence.

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