Assam: CID Arrests ASI in Ongoing Bajali Corruption Probe

The Assam CID has arrested an assistant sub-inspector in connection with the Bajali police corruption case.
Assam: CID Arrests ASI in Ongoing Bajali Corruption Probe

GUWAHATI: The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Assam has apprehended yet another police official in connection with the ongoing Bajali police corruption case. The arrested individual is Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Sasanka Das from Patacharkuchi police station, Assam. This arrest comes after several days of intensive questioning regarding his involvement in the case.

Sasanka Das had been under suspicion since the case first came to light earlier this month. His arrest marks another step in the investigation into alleged corruption and misconduct within the Assam police force.

The CID's actions did not stop with Das's arrest. Following this latest development, a CID team embarked on a mission to the residence of the sister-in-law of former Bajali ASP Gayatri Sonowal, located in the Beltola area of Guwahati city, Assam. This move was part of an effort to uncover more evidence and potential links to the corruption case. It is worth noting that Gayatri Sonowal's sister-in-law is a magistrate by profession, adding another layer of complexity to the ongoing investigation.

This recent arrest adds to the list of individuals already taken into custody in connection with the Bajali corruption case. Among those previously arrested are former Bajali SP Sidhartha Buragohain, ASP Gayatri Sonowal, and her husband Bobby Singh Sharma. Additionally, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Puskal Gogoi, Sub-Inspector (SI) Anup Jyoti Patgiri, SI Debojit Giri, ASI Sasanka Das (now arrested again), ABC Injamamul Hassan, and two drivers, Deepjoy Roy and Nabir Ahmed, were also apprehended.

The Bajali corruption case came to light following a complaint filed by Rabiul Islam, a trader dealing in areca nuts (supari). Islam alleged that he had been falsely implicated in a criminal case by the aforementioned police officials. Moreover, he claimed that these officials had subjected him to threats and demanded several crores of rupees in bribes.

According to reports, the accused police officials had demanded a staggering Rs 5 crore from Rabiul Islam and threatened to arrest him on false charges if he failed to comply with their demands. This revelation sent shockwaves through the community, prompting a thorough investigation by the CID.

The ongoing probe into the Bajali corruption case underscores the commitment of the Assam police to root out corruption and uphold the law. The CID, in particular, is leaving no stone unturned in its efforts to bring those involved in this alleged corruption scandal to justice.

The arrest of ASI Sasanka Das is the latest development in the unfolding Bajali police corruption case. This investigation, initiated by a brave trader's complaint, has already led to the apprehension of high-ranking police officials and has shed light on the alleged extortion and abuse of power within the Assam police force. The CID continues to diligently pursue leads and evidence to ensure a thorough and impartial inquiry into the matter.


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