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Assam : Concern Raised By Experts Over Growth In Yaba Abuse

Psychiatrist and anti addiction experts raised concerns over the rapid growth of smuggling and use of narcotic drugs in the state

Assam : Concern Raised By Experts Over Growth In Yaba Abuse

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GUWAHATI : Psychiatrist and de-addiction experts have raised concerns over the ongoing substance abuse and smuggling in the state. They claimed there are very harsh consequences of consumption of banned narcotic drug - Yaba tablets.

There has been a rapid growth in the smuggling of these tablets into Assam lately, and to several places across the country, including the adjacent nation of Bangladesh.

The specialists highlighted the complications a person dependent on the illicit items may have to face. It can have worst physical impact as well as psychological health risks, including ending up in the deathbed.

According to Assam police, the state has become the main transit point of smuggling. Yaba tablets which is a mixture of caffeine and methamphetamine is reportedly at the top of list of smuggling of narcotic substances. Since the month of October to until Wednesday, more than 2 lakh Yaba tablets have been seized in Guwahati while the process of smuggling.

A consultant psychiatrist and de-addiction specialist from Guwahati stated that Yaba tablets has its own short term and long term effects. It tends to keep the abuser high on energy and over-active for a long duration of time. This stimulating drugs has hazardous effects on human health.

The mostly seen complications include, heart disease, lung disease, increased blood pressure and destruction of small blood vessels in the brain leading to strokes. He further added, paranoia, anxiety, aggressive behaviour, insomnia and confusion in the list. Apart from health related issues, abusers also undergo financial crisis due to the consumption of drugs.

Addiction of any sort of drugs has a capability to ruin all wealth and income of a person. Furthermore, it impacts the family relationships and mental status of the members of an addict.

Yaba tablets has managed to make its path through Myanmar and Thailand to Cambodia and currently Bangladesh. This has been observed over the past five years. Assam has become the prime destination for all the smugglers.

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