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Assam: Dhubri Police Bust Cyber Criminal Gang at Guwahati Airport

Dhubri Police apprehend cyber criminals who illegally accessed bank accounts, booked flights, and lived a lavish lifestyle.

Assam: Dhubri Police Bust Cyber Criminal Gang at Guwahati Airport

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GUWAHATI: In a recent operation carried out by Dhubri Police in Assam, a significant breakthrough was achieved as they successfully apprehended three notorious cyber criminals at Guwahati Airport. This operation came in response to a complaint filed by an individual who had fallen victim to a fraudulent scheme orchestrated by this gang. The culprits had illicitly gained access to the victim's bank account and used the pilfered funds to book flights and fund a luxurious lifestyle.

The victim, identified as Shubham Prasad, promptly lodged an FIR with Dhubri Police, providing crucial evidence and details related to the case. The case was registered under number 376/23, prompting law enforcement officials to initiate a swift investigation and launch a manhunt for the perpetrators.

The search for the cybercriminal trio led the police to a solid lead, indicating their presence at Guwahati's Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Borjhar. Acting on this information, a dedicated police team was dispatched to the airport to apprehend the suspects.

In a commendable display of efficiency and coordination, the police team successfully detained the three individuals believed to be part of a more extensive network of cyber criminals. The arrested individuals were identified as Sandip Parik and Ibne Alam Khan, residents of Assam's Dhekiajuli, and Amarjit Modak, hailing from Udalguri.

According to law enforcement officials, this notorious trio had been operating in the realm of cybercrime for an extended period. Their modus operandi primarily involved unlawfully accessing people's bank accounts, enabling them to fund a lavish lifestyle. One of their preferred indulgences was purchasing plane tickets, allowing them to travel to various destinations and shop at high-end luxury brand outlets.

Following their apprehension, the police transported Sandip Parik, Ibne Alam Khan, and Amarjit Modak to the Dhubri Sadar Police Station, where they are currently undergoing intensive interrogation. This process aims to uncover more information about their criminal activities and any potential collaborators within their network.

The successful bust of this cybercriminal gang marks a significant achievement for Dhubri Police in their ongoing efforts to combat cybercrime and protect the financial interests of individuals. It serves as a stern warning to would-be criminals that law enforcement agencies are committed to investigating and bringing to justice those involved in fraudulent activities, particularly in the realm of digital crime.

The apprehension of these cyber criminals at Guwahati Airport underscores the importance of collaborative efforts between law enforcement and vigilant citizens in combating cybercrime. The victims' quick response and the dedicated efforts of Dhubri Police have resulted in a substantial blow to the criminal network responsible for unlawful access to bank accounts and financial fraud.

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