Assam: Dhubri Police Thwart Cattle Smuggling Operation, Seize Five Cows and Vehicle

Dhubri police, led by officer in-charge Munna Pachani, achieved a significant breakthrough in their fight against cattle smuggling.
Assam: Dhubri Police Thwart Cattle Smuggling Operation, Seize Five Cows and Vehicle

GUWAHATI: Dhubri police thwarted suspected cattle smuggling operation seizing five cows and vehicle in Folimari region adjacent to Dhubri town. Led by the diligent efforts of officer in-charge Munna Pachani. The dedicated team from Dhubri Sadar police station assisted in the operation, which unfolded on Tuesday night. This underscores unwavering commitment of law enforcement. They are intent on combatting illicit activities in the region.

Despite the suspected cattle smuggler managing to evade capture. The interception of the vehicle identified as Chevrolet OPTRA with registration number AS-16D-9534 proved to be crucial breakthrough. Upon diligent inspection police personnel discovered the concealed cargo of five cows hidden in vehicle's dickey. Their swift action prevented illicit transportation of these animals. They were believed to have been sourced from West Bengal. This showcased dedication of Dhubri police in upholding the law and safeguarding against unlawful activities.

The successful operation showcases relentless efforts of law enforcement authorities in ensuring safety and security of the community. Following seizure the recovered cattle and vehicle have been securely brought to Dhubri Sadar police station. Further investigation is pending. This accomplishment not only disrupts the illegal activities of cattle smuggling. It also sends a strong message to perpetrators. Such actions will not be tolerated.

Speaking on operation officer in-charge Munna Pachani expressed gratitude to team for their swift and decisive action. He emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in combating organized crime. It ensures safety of region's residents. The seizure of cattle and vehicle marks a significant stride in disrupting operations of illicit networks. It underscores the dedication of Dhubri police in upholding justice and integrity.

As investigations into incident continue authorities remain vigilant in identifying and apprehending those involved in such illegal activities. The successful interception highlights effectiveness of proactive law enforcement measures. These measures safeguard against threats to public safety. They uphold rule of law in the region.

In conclusion, the swift and decisive action taken by Dhubri police in intercepting suspected cattle smuggling operation demonstrates their unwavering commitment. They maintain law and order. The seizure of five cows. A vehicle underscores relentless efforts of law enforcement authorities. These efforts safeguard community and uphold principles of justice.


Assam: Dhubri Police Thwart Cattle Smuggling Operation, Seize Five Cows and Vehicle
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