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Assam: Excavation In Siva Dol Of Sivasagar, Ahom Era Patal Bhairab Kund Discovered

The parts inside the Shiva Dol made of modern-day construction materials like tiles and cement are removed to restore the ancient architectural style.

Assam: Excavation In Siva Dol Of Sivasagar, Ahom Era Patal Bhairab Kund Discovered

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GUWAHATI: In a recent development, excavation is underway by the ASI (Archeological Survey of India) inside the historic Hindi temple in Sivasagar, Siva Dol which was established during the period of the Ahom Kingdom in 1734.

The excavation inside the Siva Dol is mainly done for the restoration of the ancient architectural style by removing modern technology.

Notably, Shivalinga, Nandi, Tiles, etc that were added to the temple after the Ahom kingdom have been removed following the excavation of the site.

While removing the tiles on Sunday evening, the Pataal Bhairob Kund or Kuwa (well) was discovered at the sanctum sanctorum of the Shiva Dol.

The excavation team has also found evidence of water in the ancient underground royal well which is believed to be used by the priest in the Ahom period to collect water for worship.

It may be mentioned that Sivasagar's Siva Dol is in the heart of the place and it is symbolic of the self-respect of the Assamese people.

The Shiva Dol and the Shivalinga inside it is the soul center of thousands of devotees that worshipped Lord Shiva there with full enthusiasm.

The removal of the important part of the shrine has already created disturbances in the region and people are curious to know why the Chiprang, the hammer gets inside the Shiva Dol.

Meanwhile, the scene of Shivalinga getting removed throughout the excavation work has gone viral and raised several questions among people.

People are also raising questions about why three lingas and several other statues of God inside the temple are removed.

Basanta Gogoi, the secretary of Shiva Dol Development Council over the matter said that Shiva Dol is a historic landmark of the Ahom Dynasty and at that time there were no such materials as tiles.

He added that Murtis (Idols) made of the present time cement were also not available during that period of Ahom rule and historical property should remain the same as it was in ancient times.

The parts inside the Shiva Dol made with modern technology like tiles, marbles, tin stones, statues, etc are not from Ahom Dynasty and therefore it is removed as per the decision by the Archeological department said the secretary.

Gogoi informed that preparations are underway to announce the Shiva Dol, Devi Dol and Vishnu Dol in Sivasagar as World Heritage Sites.

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