Assam: Final Electoral Roll Revealed for 20th Bijni Assembly Constituency, Total Voters Stand at 1,77,607

Election Commission of India's directive brings forth Bijni's final voter list, showcasing 1,77,607 voters with a balanced gender distribution.
Assam: Final Electoral Roll Revealed for 20th Bijni Assembly Constituency, Total Voters Stand at 1,77,607

BIJNI: The final electoral roll for the 20th Bijni Assembly constituency, as well as the entire state, was unveiled on Thursday. The Election Commission of India issued explicit directions leading to the release of this crucial document, shedding light on the electoral landscape.

According to the comprehensive voter list for Bijni, the total number of registered voters stands at a substantial 1,77,607 individuals. An interesting gender balance is reflected in the data, with 88,928 male voters and 88,679 female voters, emphasizing the inclusive participation of the electorate.

The Bijni constituency is gearing up with a network of 220 polling booths to facilitate a smooth and accessible voting process. This strategic arrangement aims to accommodate the diverse needs of the voters and ensure a seamless electoral experience for the citizens of Bijni.

However, amidst the electoral preparations, a noteworthy statistic has emerged. The list reveals the presence of 130 D voters in the Bijni constituency. This category of voters, marked as 'D,' often requires special attention and scrutiny due to various reasons. The electoral authorities are expected to address and manage these cases efficiently to uphold the integrity of the democratic process.

A crucial meeting was held on Thursday at the meeting room of the Bijni Sub-Divisional Magistrate's office. The gathering saw the presence of key officials, including Bijni Sub-Divisional Magistrate Abhishek Jain, Bijni Sub-Division Electoral Officer Tanmoy Ghosh, and Bijni Sub-Division Assistant Commissioner Dipankar Bora. Additionally, representatives from various political parties were also in attendance, signifying the collaborative effort towards ensuring a fair and transparent election process.

The meeting provided a platform for constructive dialogue, allowing officials and political representatives to exchange insights, clarify queries, and streamline the electoral framework for the upcoming polls. The active participation of stakeholders underscores the shared commitment to conducting free and fair elections in the Bijni constituency.

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