Assam: Five Detained in Baksa for Narcotics Possession

Simla Police operation in Baksa leads to the arrest of five individuals, with Hitesh Goyari identified as the supplier of illicit brown sugar.
Assam: Five Detained in Baksa for Narcotics Possession

GUWAHATI: In a significant development, five individuals were apprehended in Baksa, Assam, on Tuesday, in connection with the alleged possession of narcotics. The operation, conducted by Simla Police in Baksa, unfolded in Bhotepowabari under the Jalah block during the previous night.

Preliminary reports from the case identified Hitesh Goyari (32) as the supplier, with Janin Bodo (24), Minging Muchahary (20), Dhanjit Bodo (26), and Rakesh Goyari (29) found in possession of the illicit substances. All individuals detained are residents of Baksa, as confirmed by the police.

The breakthrough came when officials conducted a search of the two-wheeler owned by the alleged supplier, Hitesh Goyari. The search revealed a shocking discovery of 14 containers containing illicit brown sugar and syringes intended for the injection of narcotics. The police promptly seized all substances and the two-wheeler bearing the registration number AS 28 D 3602.

Following the arrests and the seizure, authorities confirmed that the detained individuals are currently undergoing investigation. Simla Police is actively questioning them to gather information related to the drug bust and is working to uncover any potential links or networks associated with the narcotics trade.

This operation signifies a crucial step in combating the illicit drug trade in the region, and the authorities are determined to pursue any leads that may emerge during the ongoing investigation. The swift action taken by Simla Police underscores the commitment to address the issue of narcotics and its impact on the community in Baksa, Assam.

The Simla Police operation underscores the ongoing efforts to combat narcotics and illegal drug trade in the region. The seized substances, along with the evidence collected during the operation, will likely play a crucial role in legal proceedings against the detained individuals. The police are committed to thorough scrutiny to ensure that all aspects of the case are thoroughly investigated and that justice is served.


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