Assam: Government Officials in Darrang Nabbed for Bribery

Vigilance & Anti-Corruption arrests government officers in Assam, including a District Agriculture Officer and a Lat Mandal, for accepting bribes.
Assam: Government Officials in Darrang Nabbed for Bribery

GUWAHATI: In a recent crackdown on corruption, the Directorate of Vigilance & Anti-Corruption in Assam has taken action against two government officers involved in bribery cases.

The first arrest occurred in Darrang district, where Bidyut Kr Talukdar, the District Agriculture Officer, was apprehended while accepting a bribe. Talukdar was caught red-handed when he agreed to nominate an individual for training in exchange for a bribe. The vigilance cell conducted a successful operation, leading to Talukdar's arrest.

Meanwhile, in Guwahati city, the anti-corruption team arrested Lat Mandal, identified as Achyut Das, who was posted at the Guwahati Revenue Circle. Das had demanded a bribe of Rs 9,000 from a complainant for processing mutation works. Later, he reduced the bribe amount to Rs 8,000. When the complainant refused to pay, they reported the incident to the Directorate of Vigilance & Anti-Corruption.

A trap was set by the vigilant officers in the office of the Circle Officer, Guwahati Revenue Circle, resulting in the arrest of Achyut Das. The tainted bribe money was recovered from his possession during the operation, with independent witnesses present to corroborate the evidence.

These actions underscore the commitment of the Directorate of Vigilance & Anti-Corruption in Assam to combat corruption within the government. The arrests send a strong message that corrupt practices will not be tolerated, and individuals who engage in bribery will be held accountable for their actions.

The Directorate continues to work diligently to investigate and apprehend individuals involved in corrupt activities, ensuring transparency and accountability in government offices. These cases serve as a reminder that citizens can play a crucial role in the fight against corruption by reporting unlawful practices to the authorities.

The arrests of Bidyut Kr Talukdar and Achyut Das represent significant steps towards rooting out corruption in the public sector, promoting ethical governance, and protecting the rights and interests of the people of Assam.


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