Assam: Government Railway Police Thwart Gecko Lizard Trafficking Attempt at Guwahati Station

Officials at Guwahati railway station in Assam arrest two individuals smuggling four Gecko lizards aboard Tejas Express.
Assam: Government Railway Police Thwart Gecko Lizard Trafficking Attempt at Guwahati Station

GUWAHATI: In a commendable display of vigilance, officials from the Government Railway Police (GRP) stationed at the Guwahati railway station in Assam successfully foiled an animal trafficking bid on Tuesday (January 09). Acting on specific intelligence inputs, GRP officials conducted a thorough inspection, leading to the rescue of four Gecko lizards from the possession of two individuals.

During the routine checking at the bustling Guwahati railway station, the sharp eyes of GRP officials spotted two individuals in possession of the trafficked reptiles. The arrest of the accused individuals not only thwarted the illicit wildlife trade attempt but also marked a significant stride in the ongoing efforts to combat such activities.

The apprehended individuals now face charges related to the smuggling of the Gecko lizards, highlighting the severity of the offense. Wildlife trafficking is a global concern, and the illegal trade of exotic species often poses a threat to biodiversity and ecological balance. The arrest at Guwahati railway station underscores the importance of collaborative efforts between law enforcement agencies and wildlife conservation organizations in curbing such activities.

The rescue operation revealed that the two accused were traveling aboard the Tejas Express, a prominent train service connecting major cities. The choice of a well-known train for their illicit activities raises concerns about the extent of wildlife trafficking networks and the need for enhanced security measures across transportation hubs.

GRP officials at the Guwahati railway station commended the success of the operation, emphasizing the role of timely and actionable intelligence in preventing wildlife crimes. The rescued Gecko lizards, now safe from the clutches of traffickers, will likely be handed over to wildlife authorities for appropriate care and rehabilitation.

This incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges in preserving biodiversity and protecting vulnerable species from the threats posed by illegal wildlife trade. As authorities continue to strengthen their efforts, public awareness and cooperation remain crucial in combating these illicit activities. The swift action by GRP officials at Guwahati railway station stands as a testament to the commitment to safeguarding wildlife and upholding the laws that protect our planet's rich natural heritage.


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