Assam: Hand Grenade Recovered Near Kakopathar Army Camp

Security heightened as hand grenade nears army camp in Kakopathar. Second incident sparks intensive investigation.
Assam: Hand Grenade Recovered Near Kakopathar Army Camp

GUWAHATI: In a concerning turn of events on Monday, a hand grenade was discovered perilously close to Kakopathar’s Kapahtoli army camp in Doom Dooma, situated in Tinsukia district, according to reliable sources. The potentially catastrophic device was found strategically placed on the roof of a garage near the army cantonment.

Swift action ensued as soon as the authorities were alerted to the imminent danger. A specialized army team promptly reached the location, successfully securing and neutralizing the threat by safely detonating the grenade in a controlled pit. This decisive action averted a potential disaster and showcased the efficiency of the response mechanism in place.

The gravity of the situation is underscored by a previous incident on November 22, where the district bore witness to a grenade explosion originating from the same locality. Reports indicate that two individuals on a motorcycle attempted to lob the grenade into the army camp. However, their sinister plot was thwarted, resulting in the grenade exploding outside the camp premises.

In the aftermath of this alarming occurrence, security forces have initiated a large-scale manhunt to identify and apprehend the perpetrators responsible for the attempted attack on the army’s Kopatholi base. The incident has heightened concerns about the security situation in the region, prompting an intensified focus on preventive measures and the need for enhanced vigilance.

The recurrence of such incidents within a short span underscores the urgency of addressing the root causes and fortifying security protocols. The safety of military installations is paramount, and collaborative efforts between local authorities and the armed forces are imperative to ensure the well-being of the community and safeguard against potential threats.

As investigations unfold, the community remains on high alert, and residents are encouraged to report any suspicious activities to the authorities. The resilience and prompt response demonstrated by the army in defusing the recent threat reflect the commitment to maintaining the security and integrity of the region.


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