Assam: Legendary Music Director and Composer Bhupen Uzir Passes Away

The demise of the exceptional composer has left a significant gap in the music industry of Assam
Assam: Legendary Music Director and Composer Bhupen Uzir Passes Away

ASSAM: Legendary music director and composer Bhupen Uzir's demise leaves a void in the Assamese music industry. Chief Minister, Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma, used the digital platform X to express his deep sadness at the death of Bhupen Uzir, a well-known musician from Assam. The Chief Minister recognized Uzir's important role in shaping Assamese music and lamented that this loss was devastating for cultural enthusiasts.

The Chief Minister of Assam expressed his sadness upon learning about the demise of Bhupen Uji, a well-known figure in Assam's music industry. The CM acknowledged that throughout his extensive career in music, Uzir had made significant contributions to the cultural landscape of their state. He also remarked on how Uzir's artistry captivated multiple generations and left an enduring impact on those who appreciated it.

The Assamese music industry is in mourning following the passing of Bhupen Uzir, who lost his prolonged fight with illness on January 9 at Nemcare Hospital in Guwahati. He had been admitted to hospital three days prior due to respiratory problems and despite medical efforts, could not overcome his ailment. His absence has left a profound emptiness that resonates throughout the region.

The Chief Minister expressed his condolences and wished for Bhupen Uzir's everlasting rest. He sympathized with the grieving family and supporters, acknowledging that the entire Assamese music industry is struggling to cope with this significant loss of a great artist who persevered despite health obstacles to contribute timeless musical pieces that enriched their cultural heritage.

The commencement of the New Year brings with it a somber reminder in Assam - that Bhupen Uzir's absence has left an immense void, underscoring his profound influence on the state's musical character. The tunes and melodies fashioned by Uzir will remain as a befitting homage to this maestro whose legacy shall continue to live through both reminiscent hearts and resonant rhythms across Assam.


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