Assam: Locals Foil Snatching Attempts in Guwahati; Police Make Arrests

Vigilant locals in Guwahati thwart mobile snatchers, aiding arrests in the city's rising crime wave.
Assam: Locals Foil Snatching Attempts in Guwahati; Police Make Arrests

GUWAHATI: In the face of a concerning surge in snatching incidents in Guwahati, the quick thinking and courage of local residents have led to the capture of two snatchers who attempted to flee after robbing a woman of her mobile phone in the Chenikuthi area on a Wednesday.

According to sources, the snatchers forcefully took the woman's mobile phone, identified as Jasmina Sultana, in the Chenikuthi area and made a desperate bid to escape. However, the alert locals sprang into action, chasing down the culprits and successfully apprehending them. Subsequently, the accused were handed over to the Chandmari Police for necessary legal proceedings.

Further investigation by the police resulted in the arrest of another snatcher, based on information gleaned from the confessions of the initially captured individuals.

The perpetrators behind these crimes have been identified as Ainul Ali, Younuj Ali, and Bhabatosh Das.

This isn't the first time the resilient Guwahati community has acted decisively against crime. On October 10, two armed individuals on a motorcycle who had snatched a gold chain from an advocate at the Gauhati High Court met a similar fate when they were cornered and detained by the Guwahati Police.

The targeted advocate, Momita Bora, had been out for a morning walk in the Rajgarh area on October 9 when she noticed two unknown individuals who seemed to be fixated on her. At first, she paid little attention to them. However, upon returning home from her walk, one of the miscreants dismounted from the motorcycle and forcibly snatched her gold chain.

In an attempt to apprehend the culprits, the victim confronted them. Unfortunately, one of the thieves brandished a handmade pistol from his pocket, menacingly pointing it at her chest to facilitate their escape. Tragically, during the struggle, he pushed her, causing her to fall and sustain significant injuries to her leg, wrist, and hand. The entire incident was captured by the CCTV cameras installed in the vicinity.

The following night, thanks to swift police action, the two motorcycle-riding criminals were identified and captured. In addition to the arrests, the police successfully seized the Pulsar bike used by the culprits, bearing the registration number AS01 BQ 8345, which had been instrumental in their chain-snatching activities.

Guwahati residents' bravery and cooperation have proven crucial in addressing the growing issue of snatching incidents in the city, ultimately leading to the capture and arrest of these criminals, making the city safer for all.


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