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Assam: Mass Student Fainting Incident in Pathsala Due to Sweltering Heat

24 students in Assam's Pathsala collapsed during assembly due to scorching heat, echoing a previous incident in Cachar district.

Assam: Mass Student Fainting Incident in Pathsala Due to Sweltering Heat

Sentinel Digital Desk

GUWAHATI: In the sweltering heat of Assam, a distressing incident unfolded at Swahid Madan Rauta High School in Pathsala, where 24 students fainted during the morning assembly. This alarming event has raised concerns about the impact of extreme weather conditions on students' health and safety.

The incident occurred on a scorching Thursday morning when students gathered for their regular assembly at the Saderi village school. As the morning sun beat down relentlessly, the rising temperatures became unbearable for many students, leading to a mass fainting episode.

Sources suggest that the students' ordeal began during the morning prayers when they suddenly started collapsing due to the oppressive heat. The situation quickly escalated, causing panic among teachers, staff, and fellow students.

Immediate action was taken to address the emergency. The 24 affected students were promptly rushed to Swahid Madan Rauta Hospital for medical treatment. The hospital staff worked tirelessly to stabilize the students and provide the necessary care. The incident served as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of students to extreme weather conditions, especially during outdoor activities.

This unfortunate event in Pathsala bears a resemblance to a similar incident that occurred on June 10 in Assam's Cachar district. At Bam Bidya Pith High School, 30 students fell unconscious inside their classrooms due to the relentless heatwave. These recurring incidents highlight the pressing need for better measures to protect students from extreme heat during school hours.

The mass fainting incident created chaos and alarm within the school premises. Parents, guardians, and concerned citizens raised questions about the preparedness of schools in Assam to handle extreme weather events. It also sparked discussions on the importance of heat safety protocols and the need for better infrastructure to shield students from such adverse weather conditions.

The mass fainting incident in Assam's Pathsala underscores the urgent need for schools and authorities to prioritize the safety and well-being of students during extreme weather conditions. This incident, along with the previous one in Cachar district, serves as a wake-up call to implement effective heat safety measures in educational institutions across the region. By taking proactive steps to mitigate the impact of scorching heat on students, Assam can ensure a safer learning environment for its future generations.

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