Assam: Massive Seizure of Counterfeit Currency Exposes Inter-State Racket in Tezpur

A major counterfeit currency operation was busted in Tezpur, Assam, as officials confiscated a significant amount of fake Indian currency notes.
Assam: Massive Seizure of Counterfeit Currency Exposes Inter-State Racket in Tezpur

GUWAHATI: The law enforcement officials in Tezpur, Assam, have seized a substantial cache of counterfeit Indian currency notes following the dismantling of an extensive inter-state racket. The operation unfolded based on specific intelligence indicating the impending arrival of a party from Delhi to collect the counterfeit currency notes.

The Tezpur-based criminal network was deeply entrenched in the illicit printing and distribution of fake currency, maintaining connections with buyers based in the national capital, Delhi. According to officials, the buyers had reportedly paid a substantial sum of Rs 10 lakhs to acquire Rs 20 lakhs worth of counterfeit currency.

The police investigation revealed that the Delhi-based individuals were in direct contact with a key figure named Uttam Koch, who was responsible for facilitating the distribution of the counterfeit currency consignments. Remarkably, the entire transaction between the middlemen from Delhi and Koch was conducted online, including the advance payment, which was processed through digital means.

However, when the Delhi-based party failed to receive their expected consignment of counterfeit currency, they promptly filed a complaint with the local authorities. Acting swiftly on this complaint, the police initiated a targeted operation at Uttam Koch's residence, leading to the recovery and subsequent seizure of the counterfeit notes.

Regrettably, Uttam Koch, the prime accused in the case, managed to evade capture and remains at large, prompting a manhunt by law enforcement agencies. Further details regarding this unfolding investigation are anticipated, shedding light on the full extent of this intricate counterfeit currency network.

This seizure of counterfeit currency underscores the persistent challenge that fake currency operations pose to the integrity of India's financial system. The inter-state nature of this racket, with connections spanning from Assam to Delhi, highlights the need for increased vigilance and cooperation among law enforcement agencies to curb such illegal activities.

As authorities continue to delve deeper into this case, the broader implications and potential links to organized crime may come to light, offering valuable insights into the intricate web of counterfeit currency production and distribution in India.


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