Assam: Massive Soil Erosion Caused by a River Triggers Panic Among Locals

A part of the important road connecting Narayanpur to Silchar was damaged because of recent soil erosion.
Assam: Massive Soil Erosion Caused by a River Triggers Panic Among Locals

HAILAKANDI: Soil erosion is a major problem in the state, especially for those residing on the banks of the numerous rivers. The recent incident of massive soil erosion caused by a river has triggered panic among the local people residing in the region.

The recent problem of soil erosion has been faced by the people of the Narayanpur locality which comes under the Algapur Legislative Assembly Constituency of the Hailakandi district. Around 100 meters of the concrete road has been damaged because of soil erosion. This road is very important for communications as it connects Narayanpur to Silchar.

It can be noted that a large number of people have already lost their homes and properties because of soil erosion and the recent incident of damage to an important road has triggered panic among the local people and they have demanded that the district administration look into the matter immediately and take measures to prevent any further erosion.

Previously, the Bangri river bank area under the Aalga Gaon Panchayat of the South Salmara Mankachar District was facing heavy losses because of soil erosion. Located just 2 km away from the district headquarters, this locality faces massive problems because of soil erosion.

According to local sources, over 50 houses and other properties were lost into the river in the past and a small part of the village land is not underwater. And the local people informed that if the necessary action is not implemented urgently, the village will be completely lost because of the rapid erosion. The local people also informed that they had taken the matter to the Member of the Legislative Assembly Aminul Islam as well as the Member of Parliament Badaruddin Ajmal, but failed to receive any support from their side. So they have requested the state administration to look into the matter and ensure that proper action is taken to save the land from further erosion, otherwise, it is sure that the land will be lost to the river.

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