Assam: NHPC Assures Safety to Downstream Locals as Subansiri Resumes Natural Flow

The NHPC issues a statement alleviating panic among downstream residents, as the Subansiri River regains its natural course following a diversion tunnel blockage.
Assam: NHPC Assures Safety to Downstream Locals as Subansiri Resumes Natural Flow

DHEMAJI: The National Hydro Electric Power Corporation (NHPC), located at Gerukamukh in Dhemaji district, has assured downstream residents that there is no cause for concern as the Subansiri River returned to its natural flow at 10:40 p.m. on Friday night.

Earlier, the NHPC authorities had released a statement explaining that, out of the five 9.5-meter diameter diversion tunnels, the sole diversion tunnel in operation, designated as number one, had been obstructed by a landslide around 11:30 a.m. on Friday.

The NHPC statement detailed the situation, stating, "The other four diversion tunnels had already been blocked earlier. Consequently, the river's flow downstream has been significantly reduced. The dam spillway bay level is 145 meters above sea level (msl). The current river flow, measured at 997 cubic meters per second (cum/sec), is being stored in the reservoir, causing an increase in the reservoir's water level. By 1 p.m., the water level had reached 139 meters. It is anticipated that the water level will reach 145 meters by the evening, and the river will resume its natural flow through the spillway to the downstream."

In response to concerns, it has been clarified by reliable sources that there have been no reports of casualties at the Subansiri Lower Project Site due to the landslide incident. Contrary to erroneous rumors circulating on social media, which claimed the loss of one laborer's life and injuries to several others at the project site, the concerned NHPC officials have confirmed to Pratidin Time that no casualties have occurred as a result of the landslide.

Earlier, residents of North Lakhimpur district were taken aback when the Subansiri River suddenly dried up on Friday morning, sparking fear and concern among the local population. The suspected cause of this alarming situation is a blockade in the No. 1 diversion tunnel of the National Hydro-electrical Power Corporation (NHPC)'s Subansiri Lower Hydroelectric Power (SLHEP) plant's dam on the left bank. This diversion tunnel is responsible for redirecting the Subansiri's water flow from the dam site to the downstream of the river through a two-kilometer course, maintaining a standard water volume in the downstream areas. The blockade occurred due to a landslide that took place the previous night.

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