Assam: Northeast Frontier Railway Transforms Old Coaches into Charming Rail Coach Restaurants

Northeast Frontier Railway ingeniously repurposes disused train coaches into trendy restaurants, offering a unique dining experience for passengers and the public.
Assam: Northeast Frontier Railway Transforms Old Coaches into Charming Rail Coach Restaurants

GUWAHATI: In an innovative move to enhance passenger experience and contribute to sustainability, Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) has successfully converted old train coaches into charming rail coach restaurants. This initiative, currently operational in 13 locations under the NFR jurisdiction, aims to provide a distinctive dining ambience for travelers while promoting the concept of recycling and reusing.

The three latest additions to this unique dining experience can be found in Rangiya, Lumding, and Tinsukia railway stations. These rail coach restaurants have rapidly gained popularity among both travelers and the general public, showcasing NFR's commitment to creating unconventional yet attractive spaces. The transformation involves repurposing old train coaches deemed unfit for use into vibrant restaurants, effectively breathing new life into disused assets.

N.F. Railway has strategically chosen major stations and points for the deployment of these coach restaurants. By utilizing vacant spaces in the circulating areas, NFR ensures that these establishments cater to the dining needs of rail passengers and the broader community. Currently, eight rail coach restaurants are operational in Katihar, two in Alipurduar, and one each in Rangiya, Lumding, and Tinsukia.

Looking ahead, NFR has ambitious plans to expand this initiative to 62 locations across its network in the coming months. The upcoming coach restaurants are in various stages of planning and construction, with seven locations in Katihar, 13 in Alipurduar, and 14 each in Rangiya, Lumding, and Tinsukia divisions. The goal is to offer a unique dining experience with a focus on aesthetic appeal and a heritage look that attracts travelers and locals alike.

Beyond catering to passengers' needs, these coach restaurants also serve as a source of non-fare revenue for the railways. Moreover, the initiative is expected to generate employment opportunities for both skilled and unskilled workers, contributing to local economic development. NFR's forward-thinking approach not only transforms outdated train coaches into vibrant spaces but also aligns with broader sustainability goals, making dining an experience that goes beyond the ordinary for railway passengers and the general public.


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