Assam: Police Bust Cattle Theft Rings in Nagaon; 32 Cattle Heads Rescued

A significant crackdown on cattle theft in Assam as police recover 32 stolen cattle, seize vehicles, and make arrests in Nagaon.
Assam: Police Bust Cattle Theft Rings in Nagaon; 32 Cattle Heads Rescued

GUWAHATI: In a significant operation carried out by the police in Assam's Nagaon district, authorities have successfully recovered 32 stolen cattle and arrested one person involved in the cattle theft. The operation, led by sub-divisional police officer Kaliabor Rupjyoti Dutta, took place in Nagaon's Kaliabor area on a Tuesday night, with the results announced on a subsequent Wednesday.

During the operation, a dedicated police team managed to apprehend three vehicles carrying the stolen cattle, subsequently seizing these vehicles along with making an arrest of the primary accused. This decisive action demonstrates the local law enforcement's commitment to curbing cattle theft and illegal cattle trading in the region. However, the investigations into the matter continue to uncover further details and potential accomplices.

Notably, this operation comes on the heels of another successful crackdown on illegal cattle activities. In September, Guwahati Police, an adjoining city in Assam, rescued 24 cattle heads from a truck in the Sonapur area located on the outskirts of the city. This action was carried out by a team of East Guwahati Police District (EGPD) officials from the Sonapur Police Station, acting upon specific information from their informants.

The intercepted truck, bearing registration number AS 02 CC 9904, was seized at the Digaru area under the Sonapur Police Station. It was in the midst of attempting to smuggle cattle into Meghalaya, indicating the far-reaching implications of the illegal cattle trade.

The fight against illegal cattle activities had seen a prior success on August 3 in the East Guwahati district. In that operation, law enforcement rescued 36 cattle from a truck and apprehended two individuals involved in the case. These continuous efforts and results underscore the commitment of the local authorities in Assam to combat cattle theft and smuggling, ensuring the safety and well-being of these animals and upholding the law.

The diligent actions of the Assam police, both in Nagaon and Guwahati, send a strong message that cattle theft and illegal cattle trading will not be tolerated. These operations not only safeguard the livelihoods of many but also protect animal welfare, demonstrating the state's resolve in preserving law and order. The ongoing investigations aim to shed more light on the extent of these operations and bring any additional culprits to justice.


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