Assam: Police Busts Human Trafficking Ring, Rescues Minors

Assam: Police Busts Human Trafficking Ring, Rescues Minors

Assam police dismantle an inter-state human trafficking network, saving minors. A concerning trend in human trafficking is exposed.

GUWAHATI: In a significant operation, Assam police have successfully dismantled an inter-state human trafficking network, leading to the arrest of two individuals. The duo was apprehended while attempting to traffic two minor girls from Tezpur. The alleged traffickers have been identified as Babul Ali and Basir Ahmed.

In a disturbing twist, a pharmacist from Moirabari in the Morigaon district was also arrested in connection with the case. However, detailed information about the pharmacist's involvement is still being gathered.

The two rescued minor girls, who were saved from the clutches of these alleged traffickers, are now under the care and protection of the authorities. Preliminary investigations indicate that they were being transported across state lines for illicit purposes.

This operation underscores the urgent need to combat human trafficking and safeguard vulnerable individuals from becoming victims of these heinous crimes.

A previous case from August this year also drew attention to the horrors of human trafficking. A young woman was successfully rescued in Guwahati's Maligaon area after she managed to escape from a red-light area in Kishanganj, Bihar. She had fallen victim to a human trafficking network.

According to sources, a month earlier, a young man from Guwahati had allegedly enticed the woman, who hailed from Nagaon, with a job offer, only to abduct her and subsequently sell her into the illicit trade. Shockingly, the victim revealed that numerous other young women were ensnared in a similar manner in Kishanganj.

These recent events emphasize the pressing need to address the issue of human trafficking, not only by law enforcement but also through public awareness and education. The vulnerability of individuals, especially minors, must be countered with vigilance and swift action.

Further investigations into the extent of this human trafficking operation are currently underway, as authorities work to determine potential connections to larger criminal networks. The unraveling of such networks will be vital in ensuring the safety of countless vulnerable individuals and in putting an end to these horrific crimes.


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