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Assam Police Constable Arrested for Alleged Extortion: Ongoing Crackdown on Corruption

A constable from Assam Police, Pankaj Das, arrested for extortion as the state intensifies efforts against corruption.

Assam Police Constable Arrested for Alleged Extortion: Ongoing Crackdown on Corruption

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GUWAHATI: A constable from Assam Police was apprehended on Friday. The accused constable, identified as Pankaj Das, was stationed at Lengtisinga Police Station in Bongaigaon. His arrest followed allegations of soliciting money from a complainant, raising concerns about the integrity of the police force in the region.

The case unfolded when a complainant reported the alleged extortion attempt by Constable Pankaj Das. Acting swiftly in response to the complaint, the Bongaigaon police took the constable into custody and initiated a comprehensive investigation into the matter.

This incident is not an isolated one in Assam, as the state has witnessed a series of cases involving corruption within the police force. Earlier this month, the Crime Investigation Department (CID) in Assam made headlines by detaining seven individuals, including five police officers from the Bajali Police, and two drivers, all facing bribery allegations.

The arrest of the police officers stemmed from accusations brought forth by a supari businessman, who claimed to have been a victim of their corrupt practices. This development further underscores the urgent need to address corruption within law enforcement agencies in the region.

The arrest of Constable Pankaj Das serves as a stark reminder of the challenges that persist in combating corruption at various levels of government and administration. It highlights the importance of a proactive approach to root out such unethical practices, especially within the ranks of law enforcement, where public trust and confidence are paramount.

The allegations against Constable Pankaj Das shed light on the detrimental effects of corruption on society. When those responsible for upholding the law engage in such misconduct, it erodes the trust citizens have in law enforcement agencies and the justice system as a whole. This erosion of trust can have far-reaching consequences, including decreased cooperation with the police and a breakdown of social order.

Investigations must be thorough, transparent, and impartial, ensuring that those found guilty face appropriate consequences. Additionally, measures should be put in place to prevent corruption from taking root in the first place, including robust training, oversight, and whistleblower protection programs.

The arrest of Constable Pankaj Das for alleged extortion is another alarming case of corruption within the Assam Police force. It underscores the urgency of addressing this issue and highlights the broader challenge of eradicating corruption from law enforcement agencies. To restore public trust and ensure justice, authorities must take decisive action against those involved in corrupt practices and implement systemic reforms to prevent such incidents in the future.

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