Assam: Police Seize Rs 2 Crore Worth of Banned Cough Syrup in Major Drug Bust

Assam Police intercepts lorry carrying 40,000 banned cough syrup bottles, arrests two in Rs 2 crore drug smuggling operation.
Assam: Police Seize Rs 2 Crore Worth of Banned Cough Syrup in Major Drug Bust

GUWAHATI: In a significant breakthrough in ongoing anti-drug efforts, Assam Police achieved a major success on Wednesday at the Churaibari Police Watch Post on the Assam-Tripura border. The operation targeted a 12-wheeler lorry en route from Guwahati to Agartala.

The interception took place at the Naka Point around 4:15 PM, where police conducted a thorough search of the vehicle. Their efforts revealed a staggering discovery - 40,000 bottles of banned Phensedyl and Eskuf cough syrup, substances explicitly prohibited under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act. The estimated market value of the seized drugs stands at a substantial Rs 2 crore.

In connection with the drug smuggling case, the police apprehended two individuals. The first, identified as Nazir Uddin (27), is the lorry's driver and the son of Abdul Ali Bari. Nazir hails from East Fulbari village under the Churaibari police station in Tripura. The second individual, Anup Tantubai, works as a laborer and was engaged in irregular searches at the checkpoint. Authorities suspect that Anup, in collusion with the driver, was attempting to facilitate the illegal transportation of drugs across the border. Anup's residence is in the Bangraltal area under the Assam Churaibari watch post.

Both accused individuals are now facing charges under the NDPS Act and are scheduled to appear before the Karimganj CJM court on Thursday. The police have launched a comprehensive investigation to trace the origins and destination of the seized drugs, with the objective of apprehending other members involved in this illicit racket.

This successful operation not only highlights the vigilance of Assam Police in combating drug trafficking but also underscores the cross-border challenges posed by such criminal activities. The diligent efforts of law enforcement have not only resulted in a substantial financial blow to the illegal drug trade but have also disrupted the potential harm these banned substances could cause within the region.


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