Assam: Protest Erupts in Bijni Against State Cabinet's Controversial Move on English-Only Education

Students rally against Assam's move to teach maths and science only in English, and demand withdrawal.
Assam: Protest Erupts in Bijni Against State Cabinet's Controversial Move on English-Only Education

BIJNI: In a fervent display of dissent, members of the Bijni unit of the All Assam Students Union took to the streets to protest a recent cabinet decision in the state. The decision, which sparked the ire of the student community, involves the exclusive teaching of mathematics and science in English starting from the 6th standard.

The demonstrators, impassioned by their commitment to the preservation of mother tongue languages, vehemently opposed the move by burning copies of the contentious cabinet decision. The protest, held in Bijni, aimed to convey a strong message against what the students perceive as a threat to the cultural and linguistic fabric of the region.

The cabinet decision, which mandates the use of English as the medium of instruction for mathematics and science from the 6th standard onward, has ignited a wave of discontent among the student population. The All Assam Students Union, a prominent voice for student rights and regional identity, has taken a strong stance against what they consider a detrimental policy.

During the protest, students gathered in large numbers, holding placards and raising slogans demanding the immediate withdrawal of the cabinet decision. Their primary concern is the potential erosion of regional languages, particularly Assamese, as English takes precedence in crucial subjects like mathematics and science.

The burning of copies of the decision served as a symbolic act of defiance, emphasizing the intensity of the students' displeasure. The protesters warned that if their demands are not met promptly, the scale and intensity of their protests would escalate, underscoring the seriousness with which they view the issue.

The students argue that learning in one's mother tongue is essential for a comprehensive understanding of complex subjects, and imposing English as the sole medium of instruction could disadvantage those not proficient in the language. They fear that this decision could lead to an educational divide, impacting students from rural or non-English-speaking backgrounds disproportionately.

As the protest gains momentum, it puts pressure on the state government to reevaluate its stance on language in education. The All Assam Students Union remains resolute in its demand for the withdrawal of the cabinet decision, emphasizing the need for a more inclusive and language-sensitive educational policy that respects the linguistic diversity of the region.

The clash between linguistic preservation and the push for English as a medium of instruction underscores the complex challenges faced by education policymakers in balancing regional identity with the demands of a globalized world. The outcome of this protest will likely shape the trajectory of language policies in Assam, with broader implications for educational systems across the country.

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