Assam: Rangiya & Mariani Railway Stations Earn 'Eat Right Station' Certification

Northeast Frontier Railway stations in Assam recognized for providing safe and nutritious food to passengers, as more stations aim to meet 'Eat Right Station' standards.
Assam: Rangiya & Mariani Railway Stations Earn 'Eat Right Station' Certification

GUWAHATI: In a commendable achievement, the Rangiya and Mariani Railway Stations within the Northeast Frontier Railway network in Assam have been conferred the prestigious 'Eat Right Station' certification by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). This recognition underscores their commitment to delivering high-quality, nutritious food options to railway passengers.

The 'Eat Right Station' certification, awarded by the FSSAI, serves as a testament to railway stations that establish themselves as exemplars in offering safe and wholesome food to travelers. Rangiya and Mariani Railway Stations have diligently adhered to the FSSAI's stringent guidelines, earning this distinction for their remarkable food services.

The certification period for Rangiya Railway Station extends from September 25th, 2023, to September 24th, 2025, while Mariani Railway Station's certification spans from October 19th, 2023, to October 18th, 2025.

In a continued effort to ensure the provision of safe and hygienic food for passengers, the Northeast Frontier Railway is actively working towards obtaining 'Eat Right Station' certification for more of its stations in the near future. Previously, Guwahati, Harishchandrapur, and Lumding Railway Stations of the Northeast Frontier Railway were also honored with the 'Eat Right Station' certification by FSSAI.

It is noteworthy that the 'Eat Right Station' certification is bestowed upon railway stations that uphold standard food storage and hygiene practices, subject to evaluation by an FSSAI-empaneled third-party audit agency. This initiative is part of the broader 'Eat Right India' movement, spearheaded by FSSAI, aimed at revolutionizing the country's food system to ensure the availability of safe, healthy, and sustainable food for all Indians. The certification serves as a beacon, guiding railway stations in their mission to prioritize passenger well-being through superior food services.

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