Assam: Rising Concerns Over Security as Hailakandi Witnesses Yet Another Burglary

In the latest incident, a house in Ward No. 07 was targeted, resulting in the loss of Rs. 60 thousand in cash and gold ornaments worth lakhs.
Assam: Rising Concerns Over Security as Hailakandi Witnesses Yet Another Burglary

HAILAKANDI: A gang of thieves broke up the calm in Hailakandi Town with yet another heinous heist, targeting a home in Ward No. 07; they left a path of destruction in their wake and raised concerns about the effectiveness of the police's security measures.

The incident unfolded last night when Dipali Deb, accompanied by her daughter, attended the Rabindra Mela. Upon their return, the duo was met with a scene of chaos as the thieves ransacked the house, breaking through three doors. The stolen items ranged from valuable gold ornaments, prepared for the daughter's impending wedding, to a substantial sum of money.

Local authorities have swiftly initiated an investigation into the matter, yet the lack of leads has left both the victims and the community at large feeling vulnerable. The rising number of burglary incidents in Hailakandi town has prompted residents to question the adequacy of police security arrangements and the efficacy of city patrolling.

Dipali Deb, recounting the unfortunate event, expressed shock and disbelief at the extent of the theft. The lack of clues has added to the frustration of both the victims and the community at large, prompting calls for enhanced security measures to safeguard the residents and their property.

The residents now demand swift and concrete measures from law enforcement to put an end to the rising incidents of burglaries and restore a sense of safety in their community. As investigations continue, the spotlight remains on the authorities to address the security concerns that have left Hailakandi residents living in fear.

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