Assam: Supreme Court Issues Contempt Notice to Assam MLA Over Misleading Social Media Post

Judiciary Warns Against Misuse of Social Media to Distort Facts and Interfere with Court Proceedings
Assam: Supreme Court Issues Contempt Notice to Assam MLA Over Misleading Social Media Post

ASSAM: In a landmark development that pointed out the seriousness of undermining judicial processes of India the Supreme Court recently served contempt notice on Assam MLA Karim Uddin Barbhuiya for posting misleading content on Facebook in connection with his ongoing case.

The MLA's social media post falsely claimed a positive verdict from the Supreme Court when in fact the verdict was still pending. This deliberate distortion of facts to change public opinion and potentially interfere with court proceedings makes the judges nervous. It was expressed by the bench dismay over the growing trend of such practices and stressed the need to uphold the integrity of the legal system.

Acknowledging the flexibility of the judiciary in the face of criticism, the justices firmly opposed the use of facts under the guise of free speech and stressed the importance of sanctifying and ensuring the sanctity of court proceedings impartiality or non-intervention in legal proceedings is not asserted outside the court.

The court also put forward that while arguments in open court can be influenced by the public opinion, parties and their legal representatives which are strictly prohibited from rumoured facts on social media on.

Barbhuiya's actions were viewed as a genuine attempt to interfere in the court proceedings, and thus the Supreme Court meanwhile summoned him in person. The involvement of the Attorney General of India highlights the seriousness of the situation and reaffirms the judiciary’s commitment to remain transparent and impartial. This progress is thus a clear reminder of the responsibilities attached to the exercise of freedom of expression, especially in cases of procedural justice. The judiciary’s active stance against misinformation and distortion of facts on social media sends a clear message.

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