Assam: Three More Officers Summoned in APSC Cash-for-Job Scam

Assam Police intensifies probe into the APSC cash-for-job scam, summoning three more officers for questioning.
Assam: Three More Officers Summoned in APSC Cash-for-Job Scam

GUWAHATI: In the latest developments surrounding the Assam Public Service Commission (APSC) cash-for-job scam, the Special Investigation Team (SIT) of the Assam Police has summoned three additional officers for questioning. APS officers Faruk Ahmed, Dipankar Dutta Lahkar, and Ashima Kalita are required to appear before the SIT at the CID headquarters in Guwahati on December 7. This follows the recent arrest of ADCP Sukanya Das, who is alleged to be involved in the scandal and has been remanded to five-day police custody.

The ongoing investigation has already led to the suspension of at least 21 officers implicated in the APSC cash-for-job scam. Among them are 11 from the Assam Police Service (APS), four from the Assam Civil Service (ASC), one Excise Inspector, one ARCS officer, and three Assistant Employment Officers. The three summoned officers are part of the 34 officials named in the BK Sharma Commission report, which served as the basis for their suspension.

The BK Sharma Commission's findings revealed significant abnormalities and malpractices during the execution of the examination process. Specifically, the report identified an incorrect selection technique where '34+3=37' candidates were favored. This flaw has raised serious questions about the integrity of the recruitment process. Sources close to the investigation claim that the summoned officers have already admitted to paying bribes to the then Chairman of the APSC, Rakesh Paul, to secure their positions.

The gravity of the situation is underscored by the fact that these officers were suspended based on a proposal submitted by the SIT to the government. The SIT has been working diligently to uncover the extent of the corruption within the APSC and bring those responsible to justice. With each summons and arrest, the investigation widens, revealing a more intricate web of corruption within the state's administrative system.

As the APSC cash-for-job scam continues to unfold, the authorities are committed to rooting out corruption, ensuring transparency, and restoring public trust in the recruitment processes. The summoned officers' testimonies and potential collaboration with the SIT are critical elements in untangling the complex layers of this scandal that has cast a shadow over the credibility of the state's administrative apparatus.


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