Assam: Traffic Restrictions Unveiled Ahead of Epic India vs Australia T20 Showdown in Guwahati

Guwahati gears up for the T20 clash between India and Australia with traffic restrictions to ensure safety and smooth access to the Barsapara Stadium on November 28.
Assam: Traffic Restrictions Unveiled Ahead of Epic India vs Australia T20 Showdown in Guwahati

GUWAHATI: Cricket fever is set to grip Guwahati as India and Australia lock horns in the third match of their five-game T20 series at the Assam Cricket Association (ACA) Barsapara Stadium. With the encounter scheduled for Tuesday, November 28, fans from across the Northeast are expected to flock to witness the clash of cricket titans who recently battled it out in the CWC World Cup 2023 finals.

Recognizing the potential for massive crowds, the Guwahati Traffic Police have taken proactive measures to regulate vehicular movement in and around the Barsapara Stadium. In a joint press conference held at the stadium, officials outlined these restrictions aimed at ensuring public safety, especially for vulnerable road users such as children, students, women, senior citizens, and differently-abled individuals.

The imposed restrictions will be in effect exclusively on November 28, the day of the match. Commercial goods-carrying vehicles with four wheels and above will face restrictions on NH-27 and NH-17 within Guwahati City from 12 Noon to 12 Midnight. Similarly, three-wheeled and above commercial goods-carrying vehicles will encounter restrictions on AK Azad road and AK Dev road during the same period.

A significant traffic alteration includes A.K. Azad Road (Lakhra road) becoming one-way from 3 PM on November 28, with vehicles allowed to ply from the Cycle Factory side towards Lakhra Charnali. Entry from Lakhra Chariali will be restricted, except for car pass holders for the match, school buses, and emergency vehicles.

Barsapara Road from Barsapara Tiniali to Dhirenpara Tiniali will be one-way for vehicles with car passes on the match day. Vehicles without car passes won't be allowed to enter from Barsapara Tiniali, except for local residents, and there will be no entry towards Barsapara Stadium from Dhirenpara Tiniali.

For spectators, there will be seven entry gates, each strategically located for efficient access. Gate No-1B is exclusively for invitees with car passes, entering via A.K. Azad Road. The remaining six gates cater to general spectators through different routes, including Barsapara Road, R.G. Baruah Path, Rolling Mill Road, and Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Path.

Parking arrangements are also outlined for those coming via AK Deb Road and AK Azad Road, with designated fields and areas to ensure organized and secure parking.

As cricket enthusiasts prepare for the epic showdown, these traffic regulations aim to strike a balance between facilitating a seamless event and prioritizing the safety of all attendees, setting the stage for an unforgettable T20 experience in Guwahati.


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