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Assam: Tragic Illegal Coal Mine Explosion Claims Lives in Tinsukia

Two miners lost their lives in an illegal coal mine explosion in Assam's Tinsukia district, shedding light on ongoing mining issues.

Assam: Tragic Illegal Coal Mine Explosion Claims Lives in Tinsukia

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GUWAHATI: In a heart-wrenching incident, two coal miners, Raju Rabha and Dhreswar Kachari, met a tragic end in the Tipong Kaliari Chali area under Lekhapani police station in eastern Assam's Tinsukia district. The unfortunate event unfolded when a sudden gas explosion rocked the illegal coal mine where they were working.

Raju Rabha hailed from Meghalaya, while Dhreswar Kachari was from Assam's Goalpara district. Both men were engaged in the dangerous and unlawful extraction of coal from the mines when the catastrophic incident occurred. Alongside Raju and Dhreswar, several other coal miners sustained injuries and were subsequently rushed to a hospital for medical attention.

It has come to light that the miners were operating in this perilous environment due to their association with known coal mafias, Vikram, and Janaik Jaiswal. This tragedy serves as a grim reminder of the hazardous conditions faced by laborers in the illegal coal mining industry.

Disturbingly, this incident was not an isolated one. In fact, it marks the third set of deaths linked to illegal coal mining in Tinsukia district this month alone. Despite the evident dangers and the loss of life, illegal coal mining activities have continued unabated in the Margherita-Ledo area of Tinsukia district.

Regrettably, the district administration has seemingly remained a passive observer, failing to address the persistent issue. The perilous situation faced by these miners paints a grim picture of the unchecked and unregulated coal mining operations in the region, where the pursuit of profit often takes precedence over the safety and well-being of the workers.

This tragic incident is not the first time that illegal coal mining has claimed lives in Tinsukia district. Just a few months earlier, in June, two miners lost their lives in another illegal rat-hole mine at Ledo, also in the Tinsukia district. One of the victims was identified as Nayan Phukan, a resident of the Itakhuli area of Ledo.

The coal mines in the Tirap, Tikak, Bargolai, Namdang, and Tipong collieries under NEC Coal India Ltd Margherita have been marred by a history of accidents and fatalities. Names like Pranjal Moran, Nayan Phukan, Dipen Aley, Rupam Das, Kartik Gowala, Bijay Munda, and many more serve as a somber reminder of the perils of coal mining in the region.

The tragic loss of lives in the illegal coal mine explosion in Assam's Tinsukia district underscores the urgent need for stringent regulations and enforcement in the coal mining industry. The authorities must take decisive action to curb illegal mining operations and prioritize the safety of workers. It is a solemn duty to prevent further loss of life in pursuit of profit.

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