Assam: Two Wheeler Stolen From District Hospital Premises

The Bajaj Pulsar vehicle was reportedly stolen at around 11 AM on Monday, taking the number of two-wheelers stolen within the month to 7.
Assam: Two Wheeler Stolen From District Hospital Premises

HATSINGIMARI: In an unexpected development, a two-wheeler was reportedly stolen from the premises of the district hospital in the South Salmara- Mankachar district of the state.

The Hatsingimari district hospital is located in the district headquarters of the South Salmara Mankachar District of Assam. A local teacher had come to the hospital to participate in a training programme and had parked his two-wheeler vehicle on the premises. But the same was found missing after he came out from the programme to eat something.

The name of the victim of this incident was mentioned to be Abdul Kalam Sheikh and the incident triggered a sharp sensation among the local people and those present in the district hospital. The Bajaj Pulsar vehicle was reportedly stolen at around 11 AM on Monday.

A complaint was lodged regarding the incident at the Kharuabandha Police Station and a police team arrived at the location to look into the matter. An investigation has also been initiated regarding the matter. But local people informed that a total of seven vehicles have been stolen from the hospital premises in the past month itself and these incidents continue to repeat.

Another shocking incident was reported from Rupohihat, located in Assam's Nagaon district, a 12-member dacoit gang executed a carefully orchestrated robbery in the evening. The mastermind behind this audacious plot has been identified as Ali Hussain, a member of the gang known for his strategic acumen. The criminal ploy involved luring three unsuspecting individuals into a trap by posing as potential clients interested in renting a dumper truck. Ali Hussain managed to convince the victims to meet near a Yamaha dealer shop, setting the stage for the heinous act.

Upon reaching the designated meeting point, the victims were led to an innocuous house in the vicinity. Once inside, the gang sprang into action, ambushing the trio with a calculated display of force. The assailants brandished a gun to the head and a knife to the neck, swiftly overpowering the victims. The ruthless criminals proceeded to loot the victims of a substantial amount totalling Rs 3 lakh in cash, along with their mobile phones and a valuable gold ring. After completing their nefarious act, the gang hastily fled the scene, leaving the traumatized victims to recount their harrowing encounter.

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