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Assam Witnesses Over 100 Tomato Flu Cases in 1 Month

Dibrugarh reported the maximum number of cases- 24 and 22- from two schools.

Assam Witnesses Over 100 Tomato Flu Cases in 1 Month

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GUWAHATI: Over 100 cases of hand-foot-and-mouth disease, also known as tomato flu, have been reported in the state in the last one month setting the alarm bells ringing for the health department.

Dibrugarh saw the maximum number of cases, most of which were reported from two schools, a senior official of the Assam National Health Mission (NHM) said on Monday. "The two schools recorded 24 and 22 cases each, which were clinically confirmed based on symptoms," the official said.

The health department has issued an advisory to the districts to keep the infected children in isolation for seven days. The district health officials have also been asked to inspect the paediatric outpatient departments in the district hospitals for early detection of cases.

However, the health department is yet to officially compile the number of confirmed cases in the state.

Though the disease has not been ascertained as life-threatening, healthcare experts warn that any further spread of tomato flu may hit school attendance once again, after significant recovery from Covid-19. Chances of adults contracting the disease are feeble, they added.

"Maintaining a basic hygiene is the key to preventing the outbreak of tomato flu. If an infected child is kept in isolation for a week, there is every chance that he or she will automatically recover with supporting treatment. It is still a self-limiting mild disease for us," Hemen Das, state epidemiologist of Assam NHM, said.

It is to be noted that previous advisory, shared by the health authorities, had stated that apart from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Haryana and Odisha, no other region in the country reported tomato flu until August 23.

Though multiple viruses can cause the disease, the health department sources said 'Coxsackie' has been responsible for the spread in states like Assam. Coxsackie is transmitted from person to person, through unwashed hands, contaminated surfaces and even through air.

The symptoms Of Tomato Flu:

– Skin irritation: It is one of the most common symptoms of a Tomato Flu-infected person.

– Decolouration: Legs and hands get discoloured and slightly unidentifiable.

– Fatigue and tiredness: While fatigue can be common for travellers, fatigue can be a health risk.

– Abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhoea: These symptoms affect your health.

– Coughing, fever, sneezing or runny nose: These symptoms are common in coronavirus as well.

– Joint pain and body ache: A Tomato virus-infected person would have difficulty moving smoothly.

Prevention against Tomato Flu:

– Drink more water, juices and liquid content

– Try to drink more boiled water

– It's better not to touch the blisters

– Maintain good personal hygiene

– Maintain physically distance from suspected cases

– Take sufficient rest to avoid the long-lasting effects of Tomato Flu

Till date, no antiviral drugs or vaccines are available for the treatment or prevention of this disease.

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