Assam: Youth found dead in a paddy field, alleged murder over Rs 7000 debt

Fairul Islam's Family Accuses Friends Islam Ali and Rezek; Duo Apprehended by Locals and Handed Over to Tezpur Police
Assam: Youth found dead in a paddy field, alleged murder over Rs 7000 debt

ASSAM: In the shocking incident in Tezpur, Assam, the lifeless body of a youth was found in a paddy field on Wednesday morning, sending shock waves through the area. The deceased has been identified as Fairul Islam, whose plans to visit Arunachal Pradesh with two friends turned tragic. Sources said that the victim and his accomplice Islam Ali Rezek had planned to travel to Arunachal Pradesh. But in the morning the sad sight of Fairul's lifeless body drove him closer to his lodgings, casting a shadow over the anticipated journey.

In the midst of the grief, the family of Fairul Islam leveled serious allegations against his friends Islam Ali and Rezek. According to the family, Fairul's untimely death was caused by a small amount of Rs 7,000 and alleged that she had been wronged at the hands of his alleged friends Acting immediately upon hearing the family’s accusations, locals tracked down Islam Ali and Rezek and arrested them after a brief chase. The duo was soon handed over to the Tezpur police, who wasted no time in taking them into custody for further interrogation.

Tezpur police have launched a detailed investigation into the incident, aimed at uncovering the circumstances surrounding the death of Fairul Islam. The imprisonment of Islam Ali and Rezek is an important development in the case, as authorities work to piece together the events leading up to the tragedy.

As the community grapples with the shock of losing a young life under mysterious circumstances and conditions, police efforts to clarify the situation are being closely watched. Seeking justice the grieving family is eagerly awaiting the outcome of the investigation that will decide the fate of the accused in this tragic case. Further development in the case is awaiting as per police reports and investigation is in the process.

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