Assam Youth Puts Vermillion on Lover's Forehead on Her Deathbed

Assam youth Bitupan Tamuli from Raha bid farewell to his lover by putting vermillion on the forehead in her death bed
Assam Youth Puts Vermillion on Lover's Forehead on Her Deathbed

ASSAM : A youth bid farewell to his deceased lover by putting 'sindoor' or vermilion on her forehead.

The young girl, Prarthana Bora of Raha in Nagaon district, lost a long battle against a deadly disease, succumbing to it on Friday. 

The people around had their heart filled with tears when they saw her long-time lover Bitupan Tamuli putting vermillion on her forehead. This gesture of the deceased's partner portrayed the saying, 'till death do us apart'. The netizens felt heartbroken looking at the two love birds on social media. 

While the entire country is stunned by the Delhi incident, where 26 year old Shraddha Walker was brutally killed by her lover and live-in partner Aaftab Amin Poonawala, Bitupan Tamuli's love towards his deceased partner Prarthana Bora reflects the purity of a relationship. Both the story shows two completely different sides of 'love'. 

On one hand, Aaftab killed Shraddha because she wanted to get married to him, Assam's Bitupan set an extremely emotional example of love by marrying her on her deathbed. Prarthana was a resident of Nagaon and was battling with an incurable disease from a long time. The disease did not stop the lovers from dreaming their life. Both Bitupan and Prarthana were planning for marriage in the coming days. But as destiny has its own way of structuring things, Prarthana's wish to marry her partner was not fullfilled. 

However, Bitupan did not leave his lover's dream unfulfilled. He applied vermillion on Prarthana's forehead, garlanded her dead body and prayed for her soul to rest in heaven. This was the only possible way for Bitupan to say goodbye to Prarthana. In real life we do not usually witness such love, it only happens in the movies. But the people present in Prarthana's final rites saw this beautiful scene in Raha. With hopes bound in her heart, Prarthana left this world.

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