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Assamese fusion for a fresh winter look, HRDOYH launches its Fall-winter 2020 collection

The shine and the texture of Assam silk is very traditional yet very classy. It has a timeless trend that gives a contemporary look even in the traditional material, said founder of HRDOYH Parishmita Das.

Assamese fusion for a fresh winter look, HRDOYH launches its Fall-winter 2020 collection

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Guwahati: HRDOYH an artisanal silk brand that aims to preserve Assam Silk in a contemporary way has launched its Fall-winter 2020 collection, in a bid to connect the expertise technique of the Assamese weavers to the modern consumers.

The brand, HRDOYH was founded by Parishmita Das in the year 2019, out of a need for a smart and timeless design that redefines the latest trends.

With the local craftsmanship and top quality natural fabrics like silk, the brand creates a collection of accessible luxury pieces. It needs to be mentioned that all the products are made using ecologically friendly materials and sustainable processes.

Das was always attached to the sericulture of Axom and thus the idea behind HRDOYH is to represent Assamese heritage and its outshining simplicity.

Parishmita stands by the idea of "handmade by people not factories". The weavers who work for the brand are mostly female weavers and housewives.

''We create collections of pieces that contribute to the conscious of green and circular economy. The Muga silk gives 86% protection from UV rays and the materials cannot just be worn as saree but as scarves, blazers and skirts.''

Das, with the help of the weavers aim to give the muga silk a contemporary design can help the current general explore the both traditional yet modern way of redesigning trend. Along with the idea, she is also enhancing the chances of a better livelihood to the weavers who lost their jobs due to the pandemic by giving them an opportunity to weave from their homes.

''HRDOYH textiles are made in the homes of these talented women who consider weaving as part of their domestic duty and silk pieces are culturally attached, as well as functional, traditional and socially symbolic and significant.''

The brand has a huge collection of statement muga blazers, Paat silk dresses, and Eri shirts. HRDOYH seeks to connect the home gown Assamese textiles to customers globally.

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