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Assamese Hoarding Taken Down Again in Barak Valley, Cachar Police Summons BDF Leader for Interrogation

Barak Democratic Font convener Pradip Dutta Roy summons for his comment on removing of Assamese language hoardings in Meherpur

Assamese Hoarding Taken Down Again in Barak Valley, Cachar Police Summons BDF Leader for Interrogation

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GUWAHATI: The Barak Democratic Front (BDF) leader Pradip Dutta Roy was summoned by Cachar police for an inquiry after government hoarding published in Assamese language was pulled down again from Meherpur, Cachar.

Meanhwhile Cachar police have summons BDF Leader Pradip Dutta Roy for Interrogation regarding the issue.

In a video, Dutta demanded Replacing an Assamese hoarding with a Bengali one and adhering to the Assam Language Amendment Act of 1961 saying that if the administration did not act within 48 hours, BDF will intervene. He further stated that while he does not have a problem with Assamese, government advertisements must include Bengali as well.

Several news outlets based in Guwahati misrepresented this comment and portrayed it in a way that made viewers believe Silchar is anti-Assamese.

Pradip Dutta Roy was summoned to the Cachar SP Office about 1 AM SP Ramandeep Kaur stated that he had been summoned for questioning. "It had something to do with the recent Assamese poster row," While no new charges have been filed against him this time, many FIRS were filed against him last month when posters at Silchar Railway Station were destroyed. "This is a continuation of the same inquiry because this case is identical to the cases filed against him," said SP Ramandeep Kaur.

On November 24, the hoarding was put and next day, the Barak Democratic Front (BDF) led by Pradip Dutta Roy, gave the District Administration 48 hours to remove the hoarding, threatening to take the matter into their own hands if the Administration did not comply. As a conclusion, on Friday, November 26, the hoarding was removed.

On the other hand, Shankar Jyoti Baruah, the General Secretary of the All Assam Students' Union (AASU), has reacted to the incident and demanded the Assam government to arrest Pradip Dutta Roy as soon as possible and to pursue legal action against him.

Last month, as a reaction to the removal of Assamese language posters at the Silchar Railway Station and putting ink, the Lachit Sena Guwahati unit smeared black ink on all the banners and signboards written in Bengali language in Barsapara area in Guwahati.

The organization demanded the use of Assamese language in Brahmaputra valley region, speaking to media one of the member said that "we declare all these banners printed in Bengali as invalid from today onwards, there shall be only one language and that is Assamese"

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