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Assam's Pinjra Tod & CAA Activist Devangana Kalita Rotting in Tihar Jail: People Allege

Many people are now raising questions about Kalita being kept in the jail. They have also expressed concerns about her career as she is a PhD student

Assams Pinjra Tod & CAA Activist Devangana Kalita Rotting in Tihar Jail: People Allege

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Guwahati: A certain section of people from Assam have raised concerns about Debangana Kalita, one of the founding members of women's movement 'Pinjra Tod' 'rotting' Tihar Jail, Devangana played an active role in the anti-CAA movement of 2019.

Many people raising questions about why is she being kept in jail and are expressing their concern about her career. Devangana is a PhD student. "What is the terrible crime that Debangana has committed for which she has been kept in jail? Her career is over and the government is about to end her life too. The people of Assam have forgotten Devangana, the leaders of the CAA movement have forgotten. Very sad days for the democratic people of Assam. May the conscience of Assam wake up," a person wrote on social media.

On May 23, 2020, two students who are supposed to be women human rights defenders and founding members of women's movement 'Pinjra Tod', Devangana Kalita and Natasha Narwal, were arrested by Delhi Police. They were arrested in connection with the Jafrabad protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in February 2020. Both defenders were granted bail the following day, but were detained under another FIR linked to the anti-CAA protests and remained in Tihar prison.

On May 29, 2020, Natasha and Devangana were booked under another FIR. They have been incarcerated since May 23 last year on FIR 48/2020, for which they were granted bail and the subsequent FIR 50/2020 under which they remained for fourteen days at Tihar Jail.

According to the reports, on June 14, 2020, a Delhi court dismissed the bail pleas of both of them. On September 17, 2020, Natasha was granted bail by a Delhi court in case 50/2020 and on September 1, 2020, the Delhi High Court granted bail to Devangana in the same case.

On February 20, 2021, Delhi police arrested them from their Delhi residences for their alleged role in organising an anti-CAA protest at Jaffrabad, Delhi.

List of the criminal charges Devangana Kalita was booked with along with the dates:

1. 23/05/2020 - On February 24, Devangana Kalita was arrested in Jafarabad police station in case number 48/2020 u/s 186/188/353/283/341/109/147/34 IPC.

2. 24/05/2020 - In the 48/2020th case, the court granted Devangana Kalita bail. On the same day, Jafarabad Police Station filed Debangana Kalita, case number 50/2020 u/s 4 B / 34/188 IPC & 25/27 Arms Act & Sec 3 / Sec 147/148/149/186/353/283/332/323/307/302/427/120 u/s 4 B / 34/188 IPC & 25/27 Arms Act & Sec 3 / Sec 147/148/149/186 Arrested under the PDPP Act and ordered by the court to be held in police custody for two days.

3. 26/05/2020 - Devangana Kalita sent to Mandali jail for two days.

4. 28/05/2020 -Devangana Kalita was put in judicial custody for 14 days in Mandali jail.

5. 29/05/2020 - Debangana Kalita was arrested again in the Doriaganj Police Station case 250/2019 u/s 147/148/149/153 A (ii) / 436/437/323/325/353/186/188/120 / 34 IPC & Sec 3 of PDPP Act. The court has granted Delhi police permission to question her in the 30/05/2020-250/2019 case in Tihar jail for three days. Devangana Kalita has been granted bail in case no. 02/06/2020.

6. 02/06/2020 - The charge sheet for case number 50/2020 has been filed with the court.

7. 03/06/2020 - Debangana Kalita was arrested again in IPC & 25/27 of Arms Act under Case No. 59/2020 u/s 13/16/17/18 of UAP Act 1967, 120 B / 34 A / 302/307/353/186/212/395/427/435/436/452/109/114/147/148/124 a / 153 A.

8. 14/06/2020 - Shahdra Dist Karkardooma Court rejects bail application in case 50/2020.

9. 28/8/2020 - Shahdra Dist Karkardooma Court rejects bail application in case 59/2020.

10. Delhi High Court granted bail to Debangana Kalita in case no. 01/09/2020

11. Appeal in Delhi High Court to seek bail again in 19/02/2021-59/2020 case.

12. 27/04/2021 - The case's 59/2020 bail hearing has concluded, and the judgment has been reserved. If she is granted bail in this case, Devangana Kalita will be able to come down to the open sky.

Devangana Kalita is noteworthy for continuing to advocate for the rights of prisoners even while imprisoned. Family members are not allowed to visit the prisoners, particularly due to the Covid situation, and Devangana Kalita has won by filing a court case against this injustice. Because of her efforts, Tihar jail inmates/pilgrims now have the ability to call once a day and make video calls twice a week. Devangana has won the court case requesting that the prisoners be given the Covid vaccine.

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