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AUDIO BOOK RELEASE: The Mystic Sinners by Proyashi Barua

The Mystic Sinners, is now available as an audiobook in India and around the world, on Amazon's audiobook platform, Audible.

AUDIO BOOK RELEASE: The Mystic Sinners by Proyashi Barua

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The Mystic Sinners, a rare work of fiction on mysticism and tantra, based on extensive research done by the author, is now available in audio format as well. The book was already available in print and electronic formats.

For her research, Barua traveled extensively to the two main centers of tantra in India–Varanasi, and Kamakhya, and put together a formidable storyline around the facts, making the book an unputdownable read, and a good beginner's guide to the world of tantra and mysticism.

The publisher, Readomania, collaborated with Audible, the leading audiobook seller in India, and converted the book into an audio format that provides entertainment for 8 hrs and 40 minutes.

"The lockdowns have increased the number of people opting for audiobooks and the demand is expected to increase in the near future," states Dipankar Mukherjee, founder and publishing head, Readomania.

"The audio version is a significant extension of my work as given the constraints of today's fast-paced life, many people want to hear a book on the go, instead of reading it. The Mystic Sinners is replete with visual imagery and therefore the audiobook has enriched the overall experience of the narrative," states Proyashi Barua.


Maya and Kamakshi suffer at the behest of tantrics. Their friend Ranbeer, a filmmaker, starts work on an investigative documentary to expose those who misuse occult practices. Unknowingly, they embark onto a trail of the biggest undiscovered secret of ancient India's esoteric practices. As they progress, the mystery thickens and takes them to hotbeds of occult practices - Banaras, Kamakhya and even Yana, where they witness eerie aghori rituals, mystical sanyasis and tantric sex. Soon, a series of uncanny threats emerge, from severed heads of endangered species to the abduction of those who help the trio, and a tsunami of trouble hits them as they run helter-skelter for cover. Will they succeed in unearthing the secret and the mystic sinners behind it? Or will they entangle themselves in an unholy Nexus?


Proyashi Barua is a Guwahati-based content writer and consultant. An alumnus of Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication (SIMC), she has worked for about fifteen years in the communications and media industry including The Times of India, Hindustan Times, and an international foreign trade magazine where she served in the capacity of an assistant editor. She also has a keen interest in learning about the probable causes that led to the extinction of some important ancient and medieval civilisations. Astrology, numerology and music are some pastimes that fill her soul. Incidentally, Proyashi was the only author from Assam to participate as a speaker/panelist at the prestigious Mystic Kalinga Festival (a festival on mystic literature, verse and music) organised at Bhubaneswar last year in February by the directors of Kalinga Literature Festival (KLF).

About the Publisher: Readomania is an independent publishing company based in New Delhi. Established in September 2014, the house publishes an eclectic mix of fiction and non-fiction, with a focus on new writing and new voices from the region.

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