Baghjan Blowout well finally abandoned on Dec 3

The disastrous Baghjan Blowout happened on May 27, followed by Baghjan fire on June 9. The Baghjan Well No 5 was finally abandoned on Thursday
Baghjan Blowout well finally abandoned on Dec 3

Baghjan (Tinsukia): The Baghjan Well No 5 was finally abandoned on Thursday evening. Seven months after the blowout on May 27, and 17 days after the Baghjan blaze was put to rest, the Baghjan Blowout Well of Oil India Limited (OIL) was abandoned and Emergency Declaration was immediately withdrawn. OIL declared the Emergency Situation for its internal control purposes on the day of the blowout.

OIL in their statement said, "All the jobs pertaining to capping, killing and final abandonment of the well was successfully completed in the evening hours on December 3."

In their statement, OIL expressed its gratitude to the brave Oil Indians who laid down their lives while performing their duties at Baghjan. Three of the employees of OIL lost their lives in the process of dousing the fire.

The company also acknowledged the support received from all the stakeholders during this period, especially the team from M/s Alert, CMT personnel from ONGCL, Indian Army, Indian Air Force, Tinsukia District Administration, Assam Police, NDRF, SDRF and all Oilindians, who were directly or indirectly involved throughout the control operations.

On November 15, the Baghjan blaze was doused using a technique called the Snubbing Unit, which was brought from Canada.

The OIL Management also said that they are indebted to the guidance they received from the Government of Assam, Central Government and the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas (MoP&NG) in particular.

Many people were displaced from their houses following the Baghjan Blaze on June 9. OIL has faced a lot of backlash from the local residents of Baghjan, who were severely affected due to the blowout. Various organisations and groups have staged protests against OIL since June. OIL has also faced a loss in its production.

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