Bizzare! Goat Gives Birth to Humanoid Offspring in Assam

Goat gives birth to a human-faced offspring. The eyes, mouth, and some parts looked like a human and also do not have a tail.
Bizzare! Goat Gives Birth to Humanoid Offspring in Assam

GUWAHATI: In a strange turn of events, a goat in Assam's Cachar district gave birth to a human-like baby, leaving everyone surprised.

The goat was stillborn, but many people were astonished by its looks similar to a human progeny. The incident occurred in Gangapur village, which is part of Assam's Dholai Vidhan Sabha constituency.

The baby goat was humanoid in appearance. It has human-like eyes, nose, and mouth. Its ears were similar to those of a goat. It only had two limbs when it was born and do not have a tail. The goat then also gave birth to another baby, which was normal and healthy.

According to reports, the goat belonging to Shankar Das, locals came to Das's house to see the deformed goat youngster, and a couple of them snapped a photo of him and uploaded it on social media.

Unfortunately, the baby died shortly after birth and was subsequently buried.

From various parts of India, where livestock animals, particularly the Cow, Buffalo, and Goat, produced deformed children with human-like faces and appearances. People in such situations are superstitious, believing that the delivery of such offspring is due to some sort of divine intervention. They begin to perform puja and rituals for these children. People believe that human-animal intercourse can result in such humanoid cattle offspring in some cases.

The developing fetus in the mother's womb collects fluid in various regions and organs of the body, including the face, in this biological condition. As a result, the fetus's face and limbs are swallowed, giving him a human infant-like look.

An Indonesian fisherman claimed to have caught a shark with what seemed to be a 'human face' earlier this year. Abdullah Nuren discovered the strange creature on February 21.

The fisherman had caught a pregnant shark and discovered three pups inside when they cut her open. Two appeared to be the mother, while one appeared to be a human, as the fisherman said, the photos went viral on social media.

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