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Celebrating since 1944, Nalbari observes boat race on Krishna Janmashtami for the 75th year

Krishna Janmashtami

A boat race held in Nalbari’s Ulabari on the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami has been able to catch the eyes for the beauty and splendour the festival was celebrated. the boat race was held in the Pagladia River of Ulabari for which the river bank has turned into the meeting zone of the visitors of several castes and communities.

Assam celebrates the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna on Friday with much pomp and gaiety. The temples and naamghars across the state remained crowded with devotees coming to offer a prayer on the auspicious occasion.  the celebration in Nalbari’s Ulabari gets doubled as the organizers are celebrating 75th year of Janmashtami celebration this year. it is to be noted that the organizers have been celebrating Janmashtami with boat race since 1944 and as it is the 75th year this time, they have arranged a 2-day programme for the celebrations.

The Janmashtami celebrations started on Thursday witnessing a massive presence of spectators hailing from all walks of life, castes and creeds. State Public Health Engineering minister Rihan Daimary inaugurated the boat race on Friday noon. A total of 12 boats participated in the competition that added a particular aura to the event.

Such colourful celebrations on Krishna Janmashtami is unique and rare as mostly the devotees are seen celebrating the day in prayer halls offering prayers and worshipping the Lord. Such views of countless spectators, much celebrations and cheers along with the colourful addition of 12 boats participating in the event is mesmerizing and much enjoyable.

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