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Chinese Pangolin Rescued from Brick Industry in Numaligarh

Chinese Pangolin

A Correspondent

Numaligarh: A Chinese pangolin was recovered from a brick industry near Numaligarh on Tuesday. When the pangolin was sighted in a brick industry near the Kamargaon area, a lot of people gathered there to see the endangered species. After being informed, a joint team of police under Kamargaon Police Outpost and forest personnel under Numaligarh Forest Beat office reached the spot and rescued the pangolin.

Later, it was sent to the CWRC (Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation) facility, Borjuri near Bokakhat. According to Jayanta Goswami, Beat-Officer of Numaligarh Forest Beat, the weight of the pangolin was around 8 kg.

Locals of the area said that the Chinese Pangolin might have been living in that place since a while. It is believed that it came from Kaziranga National Park during the recent flood and took shelter in the brick industry.

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