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Communist Party of India opposes 5 percent GST on pre-packed, labelled food items

The CPI has strongly opposed the Union Government's decision to impose 5 per cent GST on pre-packed, labelled food items


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LAKHIMPUR: The Communist Party of India (CPI) has strongly opposed the Union Government's decision to impose 5 per cent GST on pre-packed, labelled food items. In this context, the Lakhimpur District Council of the political party on Tuesday submitted a memorandum to Prime Minister Narendra Modi demanding him to withdraw the notification served regarding the issue.

According to the memorandum countersigned by Lakhimpur District Council CPI general secretary Arup Kalita, a 5 per cent GST rate as per the July 18 notification, levied on pre-packed and labelled food items such as cereals, pulses and flour (atta) weighting less than 25 kg and for the commodities measured on litres like curd and lassi, the limit is 25 litres. Prior to July 18, GST was applied on specified goods, when they are put up in a unit container and bearing a registered brand name or were bearing a brand name. With effect from July 18, 2022, the provision undergoes a change and GST has been made applicable on supply of such per packaged and labelled commodities.

The memorandum further said, "Some unexpected works of the Central Government imposes more exploitation on the crores of the poor people. GST has covered the medical treatment also, as a result of which medical treatment will be more expensive, beyond the reach of the common people. It is a matter of great concerns for the people, that if the amount of expenditure of medical treatment with room rent exceeds five thousand, the incumbent has to pay GST. Prices of coffins, which are used in funerals, are also high after covered by GST. Items like pulses, cereals, rice, wheat and flour (Atta) earlier attracted GST at the rate of 5 percentage. When branded and packed with effect from July 18, 2022, these items would have GST when pre-packaged and labelled. Additionally certain other items such as curd, Lassi, and puffed rice, when pre packaged and labelled would attract GST at the rate of 5 percentage,"

"The Central Government many a times claims that the economic situation is gradually improving but the real picture shows as reversed. To compensate the revenue deficit, government, has had no option other than imposing GST, right and left on any items. Till now, from the date of GST, government has changed GST rate of 1000 items, that is to be regarded as a failure of the government," the memorandum added.

Under such circumstances, Communist Party of India, Lakhimpur district cuncil demanded the Central Government to withdraw the notification concerned to provide relief to the poor people of the nation.

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