Coronavirus: Nepali Vishnu Temple Priest in Digboi Home Quarantined

Coronavirus: Nepali Vishnu Temple Priest in Digboi Home Quarantined

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DIGBOI: An aged couple of Nepali Vishnu Mandir in Topla Basti, Dhoniram Arjel (65) and Radhika Arjel (55) were home quarantined here since Thursday late evening as preventive measures to check the spread of coronavirus that has been severely affecting the globe with its outbreak.

According to Dr Nirza Saikia, the incharge Digboi Community Health Centre, Arjel, the temple priest at Nepali Vishnu Mandir along with his wife had travelled to New Zealand recently and just on the third day of their arrival a team of doctors was immediately pressed for screening the duos along with his wife and two daughters-in-law at their residence at Topla Basti. “Though the preliminary findings were negative yet they were held home quarantined for routine checkup and constant monitoring so that timely and necessary step could be initiated if found infected with the COVID 19,” said the doctor.

“The medical team thoroughly screen the entire members of the family and were advised to avoid socializing and were counselled on various important aspects,“ informed the doctor adding “presently symptoms of COVID 19 were not detected yet after 15 days, we would be able to ascertain the exact status as the symptoms take time to bloom fully if the body is infected.”

“There is nothing to panic, simply preventive measures are to be strictly adopted. We don’t have a single COVID 19 infected patient in the district,” said Bhaskar Pegu adding “screening, pathological investigations and quarantine are just a part of detection process so as to decide the future course of action upon the individual. Rumours are doing the round but are not to be heeded,” said Pegu.

However, Tinsukia district administration and Margherita Sub Divisional administration have been on a war footings creating awareness among the people besides adopting preventive measures to check the human to human transmission of the said virus. Machineries of various departments including the health, police, forest transport were also pressed into service to realize the ends.

Constant meetings, demonstration, awareness campaign, cleanliness and setting up of screening centres and visiting the abroad travellers were a part of the efforts of the local administration being adopted in Tinsukia districts to check the damage that might be caused in the wake of fast spreading of COVID 19.

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